Phoenix: The Flaming Chicken Run | Fried Chicken Survives Woolsey Fire to Lay Eggs Again


By Mimi Cocquyt 


This is the story of a hard-knocking hen who made it through the Woolsey Fire in Malibu, CA. She was found beneath a bush by a kindly fire captain who was putting out the flames of what used to be her house. It had burned to the ground and there was no evidence of her chicken coop or any of her family and friends. She was exhausted and dehydrated, and her feet were burned. Her wings and tail feathers were charred. Her injuries showed that she had at one point been on fire. Only she knows how the flames went out.

She was taken in by Dr. Marta Grandstead, D.V.M. who appropriately named her Phoenix because she rose from the ashes. The first 24-hours of her rescue were touch and go. The hen had been through great trauma, but she was given a soft bed, needed medical attention, and time to heal.

Now, she is a happy hen living with four other chickens in an English-style garden where she roams free. At night, she goes to sleep in her chicken coop with the other girls and together they cackle away the events of the day. Phoenix is an easter egg hen that lays colored eggs, enjoys long walks in the sun and meal worms to snack on. She has a special bond with Dr. Marta, who saved her.



Mimi Cocquyt is an award winning dancer, model, equestrian as well a writer and filmmaker.  Her latest project is the hit series Young Gods.   On Facebook: Young Gods

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