Photo Essay: Traveling the National Parks–Bryce Canyon in Utah

Local residents Harvey and Kathy Youngman recently went on a road trip up through the United States into Canada. They stopped at Bryce Canyon in Utah,  a place named after the Mormon homesteaders who had settled there in late 19th century.  From the National Park Service’s website

There is no place quite like Bryce Canyon. Hoodoos (odd-shaped pillars of rock left standing from the forces of erosion) can be found on every continent, but here is the archetypal “hoodoo-iferous” terrain. Descriptions fail. Cave without a roof? Forest of stone? Even photographs strain credulity. When you visit maybe you’ll come up with a better name. In the meantime “Bryce” will have to suffice.

For those in their golden years Mr. Youngman notes: “If you are over 62 you can buy a National Park card for $10 which will allow you free entrance to all our national parks for the rest of your life for two people.”

All photo credits are the Youngmans:





















































Kathy and Harvey Youngman

Kathy and Harvey Youngman








Harvey Youngman is owner of Deal Makers Machinery. Kathleen Youngman is a retired Registered Nurse.  They live in Newbury Park with their dog Lilly and enjoy being grandparents.


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Citizen Reporter
Citizen Reporter
6 years ago

Great pix- thanks!