Please run for Oxnard City Council

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A week ago last Wednesday we submitted over 68,000 signatures to recall Oxnard Mayor Flynn and Councilmembers Ramirez, Perello and Madrigal.

There will be a special election in spring 2018 to recall those four politicians who voted to INCREASE our wastewater rates by 75% – an extra $279 per year for a typical household. They did this to us AFTER we voters recently rejected the city council’s last huge rate increase.

Unfortunately, their abuse does not end there. These same politicians:

  • sue to overturn your vote in court … using your tax dollars to fund the lawsuit.
  • skim millions of dollars each year from Oxnard’s utility enterprises … and then raise rates even higher to make up for the money they take.
  • undermine the elected City Treasurer’s efforts to establish fiscal safeguards designed to protect taxpayer money from misappropriation.
  • divert resources from public safety to the city council’s pet projects … while we endure rising crime rates and growing gang violence.
  • allow our streets to crumble from neglect … yet they impose higher sales taxes on us, ostensibly for enhanced services.
  • drive away employers – and their jobs! – with unnavigable red tape … and then charge business owners excessively for the privilege.
  • pay themselves a generous compensation package … more than council members make anywhere else in Ventura County.

Enough already! 

We Oxnard voters deserve more decent options … candidates who respect our vote … are committed to the common good … and willing to volunteer time to foster a safer, more prosperous Oxnard.

Perhaps one of those candidates is … YOU.

Are you willing to step up … to replace one of the council members being removed at the upcoming recall election?

Let me know ASAP.

If we like your background and platform, we will let people know about you.

Working together, we can …

Recall … Replace … Reform!
Aaron Starr
Oxnard Recall
[email protected]

by Oxnard Recall! Starr Coalition for Moving Oxnard Forward by Supporting the Recall of Mayor Flynn and Councilmembers Ramirez, Perello and Madrigal. Major Funding by Aaron Starr. 2130 Posada Drive, Oxnard, CA 93030


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I will run and self fund if wanted and needed.
Platform: Cut Water Rates AND investigate current water rates and water situation.

A candidate of, By and for the people

Support the US Constitution

Support the wishes of the people… government of, by and for the people.

Eileen Tracy

I liked Mayor Pro-tem’s comment last night; that she thinks we our council members should have term limits