Please Understand How We Are Being Transformed



By Don Jans

If you have taken the time to listen to any of the state hearings or congressional hearings on the election, you can only come away shaking your head and fearing for our freedom and liberty. It becomes so clear that those we have elected to be servants do not understand why we were founded on the basis upon which we were founded. A key element was that our nation would be a republic and not a democracy. Yet, these elected officials, especially those on the left, consistently refer to us as a democracy. Our founders were clear why they specifically rejected democracy, perhaps none more than Thomas Jefferson, when he said, “Democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51% of the people may take away the rights of the other 49%.”

This is what we have witnessed more and more over the last many years. As the Democrat Party has more and more adopted the polices of the collectivists (Marxists, communists, socialists, and progressives) we have seen members of the Democrat Party refer to us as a democracy and more and more they have tried to take away all elements of a republic including the electoral college.

There are many differences between republic and democracy. For instance, in a democracy the majority rules and as Jefferson stated they can take away rights of the minority. We are seeing this being done more and more where consistently the Democrats are declaring that rights such as speech, religion, assembly, and property can be taken from people for what they call the good of the community. This is how democracy works.

Another important difference between democracy and republic is that democracy says whatever the majority or those in power say the law is, that is deemed to be the law. In a republic the law is constructed by a defined process and the law passed by following that process, remains the law until it is changed through the same process. The ultimate law, under a constitutional republic, which we what we are supposed to be, is the written constitution.

We have witnessed in the 2020 election how democracy and republic differ. In many states, governors, judges, and other officials declared new voting rules that violated not only the written laws of the respective states, but by doing so violated the United States Constitution, which is the ultimate law of the land. The Democrat Party has supported these violations, as any proponent of democracy would, stating that those in power have the ultimate authority as opposed to the United States Constitution. These Democrats stated that due to other reasons, the rules must be changed for the good of the community. Again, as any and every collectivist (Marxist, communist, socialist, progressive) would.

Why are the Democrats so insistent on the United States becoming a true democracy, forsaking the foresight of our founders who insisted on all the protections of a republic for the rights of the minority and the protection of freedom and liberty.

I have stated many times, based on facts and not supposition, that the Democrat Party would be more accurately called the Communist Party of the United States.

Why communists support democracy is specifically stated by Vladimir Lenin when in “State and Revolution” he says, “Democracy is a form of the state, it represents, on the one hand, the organized, systematic use of force against persons; but, on the other hand, it signifies the formal recognition of equality of citizens, the equal right of all to determine the structure of, and to administer, the state. This, in turn, results in the fact that, at a certain stage in the development of democracy, it first wields together the class that wages a revolutionary struggle against capitalism – the proletariat, and enables it to crush, republican – bourgeois, state machine, the standing army, the police and the bureaucracy and so substitute for them a more democratic state machine, but a state machine nevertheless, in the shape of armed workers who proceed to form a militia involving the entire population.

Here “quantity turns into quality”: such a degree of democracy implies overstepping the boundaries of bourgeois society and beginning the socialist reorganization. “

Collectivists (Marxists, communists, socialists, progressives) have always understood that democracy is a path to crush the republican state. When Lenin is referring to capitalist, bourgeoise, or republican he is referring to individualism which is the opposite of collectivism

It is critical for all to understand what the different forces are stating. The founders said they favored republic because it protected freedom and liberty for the individual. The collectivist (Democrat) advocates for democracy because it is a means to deny rights and liberties to those who oppose the collectivist movement. We are witnessing this very clash to which Lenin refers. We are seeing the Democrat Party or the Communist Party of the United States using democracy to crush our republic and for which it stands including law and order, rule of law, and rights of speech, religion, assembly, and property.

If we who are individualist (Freedom Loving Americans) bend to the illegalities of the collectivists (Democrats) in this election, our republic will be further crushed and the transformation to a Marxist totalitarian state will be further advanced.


The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Don Jans is a national acclaimed author and speaker.  He is also a lifelong student of history, with a special emphasis on Russian history.  His study of Russian history led to 1917 which led to the study of the teachings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels.  Don has written five books on the topic of Collectivism (Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and Progressivism). 

Don has been a guest on numerous nationally and regionally broadcast radio programs.  He is a weekly guest on a nationally broadcast radio program where he discusses collectivism and how it is impacting the United States, relating current happenings to the collectivist agenda.

Don has spoken to numerous groups across the nation on the topic of who and what is the United States and who and what is collectivism. The collectivist movement has called for a transformation of the United States. What is critical for all to understand is what is the transformation; what are we now and into what will we be transformed.  

Don’s speaking approach is the same as his writing approach, and that is to be direct and straight forward with no regard for the current mandated approach of political correctness. 

Samuel Adams said, “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.” If we are to remain free, we must be about setting brushfires of freedom. Visit his website:

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