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Top 5 List of Reasons to Say No On Measure U



By Tom Figg

Some Background:

I was the lone dissenter among the City Council who authorized placement of Measure U on the November ballot. Why? Because voters have been spoon-fed a single alternative without benefit of your meaningful involvement.

Its now up to you, the voters and residents of this community to determine the City’s fate. There’s always alternatives and you deserve a say in what choices are made by your elected representatives. 
With those thoughts in mind, there’s a wealth of information and options concerning Measure U for you to consider. For details, please visit: tom-figg.com/political-blog.html.

Not Paid For By Taxpayer Dollars 
Paid for by Me Personally Because I Care About Port Hueneme and its Future

Measure U

  1. You Can’t Have It Both Ways. The Police Officers Association (POA) is suing the City for more money. At the same time, POA supports Measure U while claiming the City is flush with reserve funds to pay their wages. How does this all add up?
  2. Do What I Say, Not As I Do. The City is being sued as a result of harassment exhibited by Councilmember Jim Hensley. Hensley is countersuing the City for violating his 1st Amendment rights. Guess who pays the bill either way?
  3. The Blame Game. City Hall blames Sacramento for its fiscal mess, yet the City’s deficit started long before the demise of redevelopment. Tax increment was never intended to supplant General Fund revenue. Does “accountability” ring a bell?
  4. More Is Better. Measure U will generate almost twice as much in taxes than what is needed to backfill the budget deficit. Meanwhile, revenue from a variety of other revenue alternatives are not accounted for. Any guess how the excess will be used?
  5. Unfulfilled Expectations. Separate Tax Measures in 1994 and 2008 were sold to Port Hueneme voters under the guise of promoting public safety. Those initiatives, like Measure U, did not earmark funds for specific municipal services. Is this Deja Vu?

Tom Figg  is the owner of the Urban Planning Firm – Thomas E. Figg Consulting Services & City Council Member City of Port Hueneme Elected November 4, 2014.  He is not seeking re-election in November

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