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    POLITCS | Who is Moving Oxnard Forward? What do they stand for? (Look at the link for a short video about Measure L)

    Official Ballot Argument Supporting Measure L
    Concerned about transparency, performance, and accountability in government these days? If yes, join more than 12,000 local residents who signed our petition to place the Oxnard Fiscal Transparency and Accountability Act on the ballot – and vote Yes on Measure L!
    The Oxnard City Council sued to keep Measure L off the ballot – spending taxpayer money to take away your right to vote. The Ventura County Superior Court responded – ordering the Oxnard City Council to follow the law and place Measure L on the ballot – restoring your right to vote for this reform measure.

    Yes on Measure L:
     – Enhances public transparency by requiring city expenditures and monthly financial reports be posted on the City’s website for public review.
     – Exposes cronyism and sweetheart deals by requiring online posting of invoices, purchase orders, submitted bids and solicitations for bids.
     – Safeguards city assets from theft by requiring a robust system of internal controls.
     – Institutes performance measurements for each department based on cost, quality and timeliness – and requires they be posted online.
     – Requires that an independent auditor conducts performance audits, ensures protections are followed, and oversees a whistleblower program.
     – Insists that wrongful acts and criminal conduct be reported to the Oxnard City Council and law enforcement, and not be swept under the rug.
     – Upgrades the Oxnard Finance Department by requiring they hire one or more state licensed accountants.
     – Establishes direct accountability to voters by making the elected City Treasurer head of the Oxnard Finance Department.
     – Tasks the elected City Treasurer with carrying out the duties and responsibilities required by this measure, California law and the Oxnard City Code.
     – Obligates the City Manager and City Attorney to fully cooperate with the elected City Treasurer.

    Join us in making local government transparent and accountable to voters.
    Vote YES on Measure L.

    Officers include:
    Jack Villa
    Chair, Inter-Neighborhood Council Organization (INCO)
    Tom Rey Garcia
    Downtown Oxnard Business Owner – Tomas Cafe 
    Edward Castillo
    Former Oxnard Planning Commissioner 
    Jo Ann Olivares
    Aaron Starr
    President, Moving Oxnard Forward

    Video link:



    Moving Oxnard Forward

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    Douglas D Partello
    Douglas D Partello
    2 years ago

    Measure L is very much needed. The City wrested away the role and responsibilities of the office of City Treasurer, and placed all the financial oversight in the hands of the City Manager. This is a major conflict of interest to have him oversee the finances he executes. Checks and balances are the safeguards against corruption, and better assure good fiscal procedure. Both candidates in the upcoming election agree, Measure L is best for Oxnard. Having measures of cost, quality, and timeliness for each department brings better efficiency. The monthly reports that are more comprehensive allow the public to see how their money is being spent, and have more input when they have concerns, not well after the fact.
    Of course, the City is fighting tooth and nail against this measure, as it brings long overdue accountability and transparency to our local government. They claim it is “reckless”, but what they have been doing is not only reckless, but disastrous for our fiscal future as a City. YES on Measure L!

    2 years ago

    While both current candidates for City Treasurer may support Measure L, it is worth noting that long-time Oxnard City Treasurer Dale Belcher opposes Measure L. She signed the the argument against Measure L and as well as the rebuttal to the argument in favor of Measure L.

    I would encourage interested Oxnard voters to read the text of Measure L, the impartial analysis of Measure L by the City Attorney, and all of the arguments for and against the Measure. This information can be found in the County Voter Information Guide.

    John Barron
    John Barron
    2 years ago

    Don’t listen to this dude. Vote NO on Measure L.
    There are good people on both sides, but you will regret it strongly if you vote in favor of this measure.

    2 years ago

    It is helpful to see the other side of the coin with the Argument Against Measure L that was included in the official County Voter Information Guide.

    Argument Against Measure L

    STOP the political hijack and money grab of Oxnard’s budget – vote NO on L.

    Every other California city uses professionally trained Finance Directors — not politicians — to carefully and responsibly manage multi-million-dollar City budgets.

    Measure L is a dangerous, extreme attempt to hijack City government and give only one person – a politician – control over the City’s budget without safeguards, or oversight – vote NO on L.

    Your City budget funds 911 response, emergency preparedness, fire safety, homeless services, public health and senior programs, job creation, business support and more.

    Measure L was put on the ballot by someone who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to waste taxpayer time and money to disrupt City government. Consider the facts:

    — Measure L eliminates the City’s professional Finance Director position and gives all the power of managing your tax dollars to a politician – vote NO on L.

    — Under Measure L, the only requirement for the politician managing your tax dollars is to be a registered voter at least 18 years old. NO finance education, NO financial experience and NO finance qualifications are required – vote NO on L.

    — Measure L weakens transparency and disclosure — prohibiting your elected City Council and professional City Manager from demanding accountability or having oversight over the budget – vote “No” on L.– Measure L’s adoption will weaken the City’s bond rating in already financially challenging times – vote NO on L.

    Would you trust an untrained individual with sole oversight over your taxpayer dollars? Are you concerned that someone the age of a high school senior could be responsible for the funding for services your family relies on?These are grave risks not taken by any other California city and one Oxnard cannot afford—vote NO on L.

    To read an independent, impartial analysis of Measure L, visit:

    Carmen Ramirez
    Mayor Pro Tem

    Nancy Lindholm
    President & CEO, Oxnard Chamber of Commerce

    Dale V. Belcher
    Retired Oxnard City Treasurer

    Barbara Macri-Ortiz
    Affordable Housing Attorney

    Mark S. Varshawsky
    Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.)

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