Political Art at Ventura County Elections Division Office Building…. Time to Act!

The only thing you change when you sit on the couch is your posture!



By Deborah Baber Savalla

It is never too late to right a wrong… To speak up for our freedoms. Government buildings are the “people’s property”. The walls should never be weaponized to promote an agenda, regardless of party affiliation or political belief system. Please take 5-10 minutes out of your busy lives to act on this issue. We know the acronym NIMBY, Not In My Back Yard… Well THIS IS IN OUR VENTURA COUNTY BACKYARD! …and it is where our election results are accounted for!

Please do YOUR part.  COMPEL taxpayer-paid authorities to take the politically-themed art out of OUR backyard. Please contact the public servants below. 

These elected officials & appointed bureaucrats say they can’t “do anything about the exhibit” & “it’s not their fault!”
SALARIES $2,511,479
Name Salary Position Email Phone
John Zaragoza $190,673 County Supervisor [email protected] (805) 654-2613
Kelly Long $151,644 County Supervisor [email protected] (805) 654-2276
Linda Parks $185,363 County Supervisor [email protected] (805) 214-2510
Peter Foy $170,748 County Supervisor [email protected] (805) 955-2300
Steve Bennett $200,800 County Supervisor [email protected] (805) 654-2703
Mike Powers $465,620 County CEO [email protected] (805) 654-2681
Mike Pettit $313,775 County Assistant CEO [email protected] (805) 654-2864
Steven Hintz $254,414 County Tax Collector [email protected] (805) 654-3744
Mark A. Lunn $234,196 County Elections/Recorder [email protected] (805) 654-2664
Gregory D. Totten $344,245 District Attorney Click here to access email panel. (805) 477-1630
Paul Young $232,127 Facilities Director [email protected] (805) 654-3806

Article on the County Art Display: County Govt Center Displays Controversial Political Art Exhibition in Election Season

Deborah Baber Savalla is a member of the Channel Islands Republican Women Federated: I am a former New York City book publishing executive with over 20 years of experience. I believe in moral clarity because it leads naturally to personal responsibility which WILL RESULT in small governments. I am privileged to work for Citizens Journal. I write columns and editorials for the Journal as a private citizen. I strive to be scrupulous when identifying my work as a private citizen versus that of a reporter or Journal contributor. The views expressed as a private individual are mine alone and are not necessarily that of Citizens Journal. 

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