Political Corruption Is Deep: Candidate for Governor Speaks Out Against GOP

By Stasyi Barth

We all know this, right? I mean, we’re told this, on a daily basis and we should know this. So, why does it still exist? After all, WE are The People who are responsible in securing this beautiful nation and all of it’s Freedoms, to ensure our future generations have the same Liberties we’ve had.

It continues because, no matter how much people complain about wanting our politicians to do more, be better…we still settle and don’t hold them accountable. In fact, we do worse: we continue to vote for them!

I can spend my time writing a list of all of the Freedoms and Liberties we’ve lost, but there is no point. If you missed them, you’d already know.

I’ll just focus on California, for now. Trump was elected to handle DC and God Bless him for it!

The California GOP just held their annual conference, in Anaheim. Most people don’t realize it occurred, or even care, because the turnout was about ¼ the size from 2 years ago, at the same venue.

However, whether or not you attended isn’t the point. What happened there IS the point.

Voting happened! A few key votes, to be exact. Every convention in Anaheim, the “Delegates” are supposed to vote on platform and agenda items for the Party. I put Delegates in “” because, well, barely any ever show up. People carrying Proxies for Delegates show up, but not the actual Delegates themselves. That means, one person can vote for 3 Delegates. Pretty good deal, especially if you plan on rigging the vote. WHAT??? Rigging the vote!?! Who would do that? Why, the CAGOP, of course!

I’m going to venture a guess that many Americans don’t actually research candidates, before voting. Most Americans are either Democrat or Republican, and vote as the Party suggests. Smarter people are leaving both Parties because they’ve realized both are seriously corrupt and don’t actually care about us, The People.

In Anaheim, the CAGOP, just proved it to be true.

The first major vote was for Proposition 14: Top Two. This is the Democrat brainchild that eliminated our Primary from having one candidate from each Party move forward to the General election, in November.  This has severely damaged the chances of a conservative winning in a Statewide election, in California.

The CAGOP had a vote to fight this corrupt Proposition, but instead decided to adopt it! Now, the CAGOP officially owns this piece of horse crap and is proud to do so.

The second vote was on endorsing candidates before the Primary. This would make sense, since we don’t have a Primary anymore. Smh…

This vote passed. Now, by the power bestowed upon as little as 300 Delegates (who don’t even go to the conventions), the CAGOP can/will endorse a candidate!

What does that mean for you? I’ll tell you:

You will receive mailers, giving you information on the candidates the Party has endorsed. That candidate will have access to Party funds, discounts on mailers, access to committees, etc.  Most importantly, they will have access to you, the voter. They will have picked your candidate for you. All you have to do is follow the suggestions on the mailers sent to you! Sound good, right? Wrong!

The CAGOP has sold out, a long time ago. They will readily admit that their chosen candidate, Travis Allen, doesn’t have a chance at winning the election for Governor, but they still want him. Why? Because he’s not conservative. The CAGOP and Charles Munger have spent a lot of money and time ensuring California fails at any attempt in electing a conservative into office. Only RINO’s need apply!


My candidacy is being attacked, at every level. I’m supposed to have access to the Delegate list, so I can somehow convince 300+ to choose me over the chosen one. However, several weeks after the convention, I still can’t get access to that list. John Cox and Travis Allen have had those lists, for a very long time. It helps to not be conservative and running as a Republican in California.

Consulting firms have been personally contacted by Chairman Jim Brulte and the CAGOP, instructing them to not work with me. If these firms want to have a business after this election, they must fall in line. Trust me, they have.

The basic principles of being a Republican are:


Pro-2nd Amendment


Limited Government

Religious Freedom

School Choice

Low Taxes



Pro-Freedom and Liberty

So, why is the CAGOP putting up two candidates that don’t believe in any of those things? Because they want to keep what power they have in their pockets. Their time may be limited and they want to keep the cookies to themselves.

What can you do? Research, ask questions, demand answers!

You can change to an Independent, No Party Preference, or None of the Above.

Sitting around and doing nothing is no longer an option. The system is rigged and it will continue to be so, unless we ALL speak up!

Do not vote along Party lines, anymore. They don’t mean what you think it does; it’s just a name, not your principles.

If we want our nation back, we have to dismantle the two main Parties. After all, our Founders even warned us against voting for Party over candidate.

About Barth for Governor 2018:  BarthForGovernor.com

Stasyi Barth is a woman who has overcome many challenges in her life – including homelessness. She truly understands the difficult choices the citizens of California face every day. Stasyi Barth is running for Governor of California to create a transparent California government, end corruption, and bring the power back to The People. As Governor, Stasyi Barth seeks to bring all Californians together to take action and affect change.

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Citizen Reporter
3 years ago

Great essay, although I believe that Travis Allen supports most of the Republican agenda. Stasyi obviously does.