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The California Supreme Court has recently declined to hear an appeal in one of the many lawsuits challenging the California High Speed Rail project. The implications of this for ALL California bond measures is enormous.

Here’s why.

The lawsuits focus on the fact that many of the fundamental terms of the HSR project have CHANGED since voters approved of the measure. For example, the train is technically no longer set to be a “high speed rail,” project, but rather merely a fast train. Also, the cost for the project has risen at least three fold, possibly much more, depending on who you talk to. Additionally, the time-frame for completion has been set back considerably, and the route coverage has been changed and reduced. In the end, the project does not even remotely resemble the one Californians voted on. In fact, recent polls show that most Californians no longer support the project. But Sacramento continues to impose the fiasco onto the citizens.

And with the courts rejecting further challenges to HSR, we’re left with a frightening precedent in California for the rest of the ballot measures being voted on this November 4th, and future ones… the integrity of bond measures is now legally, completely gone!

For example, what is being described today as a “water bond,” if it passes, could later become a project to build land bridges for wild cougars to reach sources of water. Every penny that voters approve for water storage could be diverted for that. Why not? We just had the basic terms of the HSR changed on us, with no recourse from the courts. They took our money for one thing, and are using it for something else… and the courts won’t stop it. So it’s NOT far fetched at all to realize that it WILL happen with other bond measures. THIS I promise you.

And while the solution for Californians is simple – vote NO on every single bond measure – the problem is that the media won’t expose this scam until AFTER the upcoming election, if at all. So few Californians even KNOW about any of this. We’re in trouble, folks.

Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris


Kevin Harris is a former reporter, editor and journalist, and previous President of Cal State Northridge’s Society of Professional Journalists. He is now a realtor and videographer, and lives with his two children in Oak Park. 


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