POLITICALLY INCORRECT ZONE: Brady & Clinton in Guilty-Gate

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integrity (?n?t??r?t?)
1. adherence to moral principles; honesty

Hillary Clinton’s “Emailgate” is now an FBI criminal investigation. According to the Justice Department, as of Wednesday, August 12, they were finally in possession of Mrs. Clinton’s personal email server. Except… she gave it to them empty!

In case you don’t already know, Hillary Clinton is probably in serious trouble, as she unquestionably committed several federal felonies related to keeping top secret national security emails on her personal email server. Not only that, but she has been stonewalling the investigation to the matter for months, which is why it is now a criminal investigation, forcing her to turn over her servers, thumb drives and other related items.

But here’s the thing: Even now, after her Benghazi “It was about a tape” lies and cover-ups and her numerous scandals going back decades, ranging from insider trading to possible murder for hire, to her uncontestable guilt over the emails, our extreme partisan environment still has Hillary’s supporters claiming she’s innocent, and the victim of a “Republican War on Women!” I actually found myself debating earlier tonight with someone on Facebook I don’t know who claimed exactly that, then in the next sentence rattled off a bizarre series of diversionary accusations, which included something about GW Bush paying for someone’s abortion and something about Condolizza Rice which I already forgot. All I know is it left me feeling creeped out and a little dirty.

Also in the news we have Tom Brady, the Super Bowl champ quarterback who was indicted by the NFL for cheating during last year’s AFC Championship game – commonly known as “Deflategate.” There is no question Mr. Brady knowingly used underinflated footballs during the game (an advantage for quarterbacks) that the opposing team did not get to use. As a result, the NFL ruled that Brady has to sit out the first four games of this season. Brady’s response? He’s taken the NFL Commissioner to court in order to have the 4-game suspension overturned! I swear, he reminds me of Hillary.

But even more to the point, many Patriots fans (Brady’s team) are also calling for the punishment to be overturned! Sort of like that nutty, partisan hack I debated with earlier tonight!

And friends, I could go on and on with topics, ranging from environmentalism to geo-political history to race relations to whether sharks are dangerous to humans or not… I find the same plague I see with Hillary and Deflategate: A complete lack of personal integrity.

Too many of us feel entitled to either a) lie about the facts, or b) ignore the facts to keep supporting or promoting our side (or team, position, candidate, theory, etc.). We’d rather “win” than tell the truth! What’s happened to us? Are our egos so weak that every discussion has become a conflict instead of a learning or teaching opportunity?

And for those who know me… I would even argue to keep the 4-game QB suspension if it were the Miami Dolphins instead of the Patriots.


Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris is a former reporter, editor and journalist, and previous President of Cal State Northridge’s Society of Professional Journalists. He is now a Realtor and videographer, and lives with his two children in Oak Park. 

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