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remedy times;”>Political correctnessBy Kevin Harris

link times;”>Late Saturday night the Senate passed a long term, $1.1 trillion spending bill. To call the Bill an absurdity would be far too kind. I call it “corruption pornography.” But whatever you call it, the Bill passed with the support of both Democrats and Republicans – to the shock and dismay of many Republican citizens across the country.

The Bill, among many other controversial things, funds Obama’s “amnesty” for millions of illegal aliens, as well as continuing Obamacare provisions… things Republicans assured Americans they would fight to repeal or to stop. It also weakens banking protections for depositors and taxpayers and simply spends too much on too much pork. The Bill is a dream come true for the Washington establishment, and is truly a failure for the Constitution, the individual taxpayer, and for those who hoped to make our system, as it exists now, work.

But the Bill itself isn’t the only disaster in all this. HOW the Bill was pushed through the House and Senate is also both an outrage and an embarrassment. And it is simply an unacceptable way of doing business for Washington. Sixteen hundred pages of late-entered pork, shoved through at the last second in the dead of night, as the politicians and the media threatened us all to either pass the Bill or face shutting down the government! And OHHH, how the Republicans, in particular, shuddered at the thought of being held responsible for shutting down the government again! So quickly and quietly, both Democrats and Republicans alike, do what they’ve always, in the end, done best: Signed off on expanding government, weakening the Constitution and endangering our way of life even more so than before.

For those of you who love irony, there’s yet one more aspect to this tale to be told: Senator Ted Cruz was one of the few conservative Republicans who opposed the spending Bill, and did everything he could to stop it from becoming law, including delaying the vote. Through a series of complicated procedural moves, this opened the door for Democrats to try to confirm a bunch of Obama’s previously failed court and administration nominees. And now for the irony part… Several Republicans blamed Ted Cruz for giving the Democrats that opportunity!

Yes, you heard right. The cowardly, traitorous Republicans who voted to fund Obama’s amnesty, among other things, were blaming Ted Cruz for trying to fight for the American people!

Which leads me to my next great idea: A pathetically hilarious sit-com called, “CONGRESS.”

Kevin Harris

Kevin Harris


Kevin Harris is a former reporter, editor and journalist, and previous President of Cal State Northridge’s Society of Professional Journalists. He is now a realtor and videographer, and lives with his two children in Oak Park. 

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