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    POLITICS | EIPCa : Voters Beware! Los Angeles County Faces Significant Risks to the Reliability of its Elections if it Mails Ballots to Every Voter

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    Los Angeles County debuted a new voting system in the March 3 election, and it was plagued with problems. Unreliable connections with the state voter database, inadequately trained election workers and new machines that broke down created long lines and voter frustration. Many reportedly gave up and did not vote. In a questionable response to these problems, California’s Secretary of State (SOS) Alex Padilla directed county Registrar Dean Logan to mail a vote-by-mail (VBM) ballot to every Los Angeles County registrant for the November 2020 election.

    This action will only worsen LA County’s elections. On March 9, Election Integrity Project, California Inc. (EIPCa) sent a letter to SOS Padilla, Registrar Logan and the county Board of Supervisors, describing the risks to the integrity of the November election should the county move forward with Padilla’s VBM plan, namely:

    • Los Angeles County has 206,728 registrants who have not voted or updated their registrations since November 2008 or before. Though they have not voted in more than a decade and may have died or relocated, these 206,728 registrants are still listed as “active” voters and would be mailed VBM ballots. This means hundreds of thousands of VBM ballots will be mailed to potentially ineligible voters, which will open the door to unlawful voting. The risk is increased because California law allows anyone to gather and deliver these ballots to the 
    • Los Angeles County has 8,158 persons who have TWO active voter registrations in their names. These persons will each be mailed two VBM ballots. Persons receiving two VBM ballots can easily vote twice undetected, since the system has them documented as two different

    Unless and until Los Angeles County’s bloated voter list is fixed, the risks associated with mailing ballots to all remain. To make matter worse, there’s talk of legislation requiring mailed ballots to the entire state. Since most California counties have similarly bloated voter lists, this legislation will only worsen the VBM risks to the November 2020 election.

    sos_losangeles_200218_EIPCa _Findings_Letter_200309

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    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    2 years ago

    SO, what’s new? This is all by design by the proliteriat that this State is being run by.

    Mary Gallegos
    Mary Gallegos
    2 years ago

    I live in L A county. The problems with the voter database were absolutely ridiculous. The unreliable connections to the database in my opinion are caused by careless, irresponsible software coding and testing.

    Since I have voted in my precinct for 30 years I know how many other people are registered in my precinct with my same last name, namely 2 in the November 2018 election. As I signed the printed roster in 2018 I could see the two names. When I voted this time the poll worker told me “there are so many by your last name I have trouble finding you, what again is your full name, there are lots of you”. She finally found my name and address. They have eliminated the paper roster.

    My signature was an electronic signature to my name and address only. The database search included all names by my last name to the entire Los Angeles County! What a ridiculous approach. No wonder they brought the database to its knees during heavy traffic.

    The software should search to local names only, to the precinct at hand. The precinct dumps can be done beforehand. Just like it has been done for years! It can still be electronic if they want. What a mess! And of course the solution according to Padilla is to just eliminate the whole thing. Just mail everything. Without thinking that problem out correctly either! These people are

    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    2 years ago
    Reply to  Mary Gallegos

    Hell, my parents left this State for Montana over 30 years ago, and I’ll bet someone is voting here in their names.

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