Politics | Linda Parks’ exact words on her website…”Extremists are trying to recall me”.

From Gina Bacon for WeHaveRights.org

I wish I was making this up, but Linda Parks is calling us “Extremists” just like our tyrant Governor Gavin Newsom. Parks only continues to strengthen our efforts by coinciding with Sacramento, YES, our Board of Supervisors sold us out last year and continue. Now that CDC Guidelines have killed more people than covid, Linda has a lot of blood on her hands. This hypocrisy is our responsibility to clean-up. Encourage people to stop leaving the state and win this fight with us. Our communism county will bleed into other counties and states as well, it’s time to clean up our own backyard now!

Linda Parks definition of Extremist: The name of American, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism . _
George Washington_

George Washington, United States. President (1789-1797 : Washington) (1847). “Washington’s Farewell Address to the People of the United States of America: Published in September, 1796”, p.5

Oxford Learning Dictionary extremist noun : a person whose opinions, especially about religion or politics, are extreme, and who may do things that are violent, illegal, etc. for what they believe

I am beyond tired of our unethical electives PROJECTING all their evil on us. My friends, my family, my community, and my country, I am here to win, are you?



Gina Bacon



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Our Community is as strong as we hold it up.

Unity is our strength to fight against corruption.


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Linda Parks says ”Extremists are trying to recall me.”It would be much more honest for her to say: “I choose to defame and besmirch citizens who exercise their constitutional right to recall a poorly performing elected official.”

Mike Smith

M. Duckett opined, “Lies and extreme lies. Linda Parks has done more for this County than you could ever know.”

Of course, by saying “more… than you could ever know”, M. Duckett tries to excuse him/herself from having to disprove Gina Bacon’s claims. Also, Duckett’s quip indicates valuing thoughts over words — a common totalitarian habit. Frankly, how can Duckett quantify “could ever know?”

“Your efforts are failing and your Neanderthal reasoning has been exposed.”

Refusing to debate, M. Duckett assumes Ms. Bacon’s efforts are “failing” simply because Bacon communicates differing thoughts. Another common totalitarian habit. Also parroting Joe Biden’s unscientific ‘Neanderthal thinking’ jab, attempting to curry undeserved credibility.

M. Duckett: a non-debating name caller accusing a rightfully concerned contributor of simple reasoning. Classic political projection.

“Get a clue and watch your extremist agenda go down in flames!”

You first, M. Duckett.

Gina Bacon

Excellent points made, Mr. Smith…that is our every day debate with individuals who have lost their independent thinking. Thank you for helping us all, and sharing your logical mind with us. Greatly appreciated & we need more of it!

M. Duckett

Lies and extreme lies. Linda Parks has done more for this County than you could ever know. Your efforts are failing and your Neanderthal reasoning has been exposed. Get a clue and watch your extremist agenda go down in flames!

VC Surfer

LOL! Her main accomplishments are hyperenvironmentalism, which is actually destructive, anti-constitutionalism (2nd, 1st, 5th, 6th Amendment), exceeding power limitations and terminal wokeism.

The straw that broke the camels back to launch her recall effort was the over the top lockdowns, persecuting businesses and churches.

She is the REAL extremist, not the concerned Citizens pursuing the recall. She belongs in Portland or Chicago, not Ventura County.

Last edited 4 months ago by VC Surfer
Gina Bacon

Amazing, VC Surfer! Thank you for your help! Let’s take back our county!


VC Surfer: there are many good people in Portland and Chicago, they do not need another terrible politician in their ranks. The public is best served by simply getting Ms. Parks out of a position to damage the public interest.


If you had a good argument you wouldn’t have to use invective language such as ‘Neanderthal reasoning.’

Gina Bacon

Thank you, Tommy! Common sense is vital right now. We have to turn this ship around and head back to our free world of independence before she is gone for good. And people like Parks get rich while we become enslaved by their extremist actions against The People.

Caleb Standafer

Linda Parks is not all good, and not all bad. I think what most concerns people is her support of lockdowns, which damaged businesses and infringed on our constitutional rights to assemble. She supported limiting the rights of business owners and churches to open and manage their property as believed was proper. She also signed onto a statement condemning people at the riot on January 6, on the basis of the flimsiest of information. She claims based on looking at a photo of the shirts people were wearing that she knows their political thoughts. I think that is extremely superficial. I wish Linda Parks would walk back her votes to lock down businesses and her condemnation of people she doesn’t even know.

Gina Bacon

We agree, Parks has an opportunity to accept her lack of responsibility to The People, we are all ears, and correct her motivation to be aligned with our rights and NOT with our tyrant governor who has successful received enough signatures to vote him out. As Newsom continues to dodge the bullet from The People [continuing more illegal actions to push the Special Election into 2022], Parks continues to follow Newsom’s illegal actions / draconian measures that is not applicable to our county at all!

Mark Savalla

When there are no facts there are lies, insults and name calling. M. Duckett is raging in the same manner as Linda Parks to defend an indefensible position of illegality and communistic problem solving.

Suzanne Wooding

Notice how all of the comments to Duckett’s post sound the same? Probably written by the same person. Constitutionality, Communism, anti-Religion-Parks and the other Supervisors were following the orders of the State and County Health Officers. These mandates were issued to protect all us from the super-spreader events resulting in a major health catastrophe. The recall petitioners have no knowledge of anything scientific as evidenced by their comments which are most likely posted by the same person. Parks has many supporters. The recall group members come from the San Fernando Valley and other supervisor districts outside of District 2. This recall will fail big time!

Gina Bacon

Wooding’s, we love a good challenge, just like our forefathers. Please advise why you think it will fail? Love hearing this stuff, and more details to what you have already stated above. Thank you!


I assure you there are MANY people that care about Constitutionality, growth of Communism, and illegal restriction of religious freedoms! If you think many of the responses to Duckett’s post sound the same it is because many people have the same deep concerns!
ps. please comment on the scientific knowledge of government actors who gave us ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ over 60 weeks ago !

Gina Bacon

Hi Mark, let’s take our county back! Woot Woot

Matt Sullivan

Your statement is a perfect example of why moderates like myself have chosen to permanently move further right and not look back. What an elitist statement, you actually believe you are superior and so far to the point that explanation for what you do isn’t even required, defending your point of view by stating those with differing views don’t have the intelligence to follow. Not only is that so disgusting that I never care to hear from you again it also makes me feel like you are hiding something and not explaining what you are doing behind my back. Don’t vote & go away, you’re disgusting.

Gina Bacon

THANK YOU, MATT! I feel the same, this superior attitude towards other American’s is exhausting and extremely unAmerican. We all need each other, continuing to divide while America is in dark times is very telling, as you addressed Duckett perfectly. Thank you for helping us all.