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    POLITICS | Q and A with Jeffrey Burum- Veteran, Chief Financial Officer and Candidate for Ventura County Supervisor-District 5

    Jeffrey Burum, Chief Financial Officer and Candidate for Ventura County Supervisor-District 5

    Q and A with Jeffrey Burum- Veteran, Chief Financial Officer and Candidate for Ventura County Supervisor-District 5

    Personal & Campaign History:

    Candidate Name: Jeffrey D. Burum, Chief Financial Officer, Candidate for Ventura County Supervisor- District 5

    Political Affiliation: No Party Preference Candidate for a Non-Partisan Office- For All Ventura County and Oxnard Residents

    Campaign Website:

    Email Address: [email protected]

    Election Date: March 3rd, 2020

    Why are you running?

    For far too long, we the regular citizens, workers, and taxpayers have faced a disconnect with our County Board, City Council, School Boards and various planning/development boards regarding the Channel Islands Harbor, arts in the community, affordable housing, rising taxes, crime, homelessness, infrastructure, and business environment. We routinely witness local legislation based upon bureaucratic or special interest agendas that consistently ignore our community concerns. Moreover, the well documented decades of financial mismanagement of precious public tax dollars always seem to result in demands for higher taxation, less quality of life, and less affordability.  YET, THE SAME CAREER POLITICIANS  SOMEHOW REMAIN IN OFFICE despite recalls, expensive lawsuits, and ballot initiatives against them! Fortunately, we now have a tremendous opportunity to create a prosperous economy, to promote public safety and infrastructure, and to ensure government fiscal responsibility and accountability. I have been asked by numerous community leaders and citizens to use my 40 years of public servant experience and knowledge in government, private practice, and not-for-profit service to create and execute a vision that fits the needs of our residents and promotes economic growth to sustain our future. Together, we will grow Ventura County into the Economic Hub it can be and have the responsive, accountable government we deserve!

    What is your current profession and previous employment background?

    Chief Financial Officer, Business Owner, Community Volunteer

    • (Ret.) U.S. Air Force Major;
    • (Ret.) Certified Public Accountant/Licensed Investment Advisor/Business Owner;
    • (Ret.) Asst. Professor Accounting, Finance and Taxation;
    • (Ret.) Asst. Professor of Leadership and Ethics, Military Art and Science

    United States Air Force (1978-1998)

    • Enlisted, Advanced Medical Services Technician
    • United States Air Force Academy Graduate- Presidential Appointment
    • Cold War Veteran- Nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Combat Crew/Top Secret Clearance- USAF Strategic Air Command-Appointed
    • Desert Storm Veteran- Chief of Financial Management for U.S. Central Command-Appointed
    • Deputy Chief of Financial Management for strategic deployments to Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, and Sudan-USAF Air Mobility Command-Appointed
    • Chief Financial Management and Analysis of United States Air Force Academy- Appointed

    Certified Public Accountant/Investment Advisor/Educator (1997-2017)

    • Business Owner/Certified Public Accountant in CO (1997-2013)
      • Income Tax, Payroll Tax, Accounting Services, Business Start-ups, Contracted Chief Financial Officer
    • Business Owner/Chief Financial Officer and Licensed Investment Advisor Representative (1997-present)
      • Financial Planning and Estate Planning
    • Asst. Professor (1988-1992)
      • Military Art and Science, Leadership and Ethics
    • Asst. Professor (1998-2012)
      • Accounting, Financing, and Taxation for Businesses, Government, and Individuals

    What do you see as the top issues facing Ventura County?

    1. Restore Our Economy!

    • 35,000 people leaving Ventura County
    • State Growth is 3.5%
    • Federal Growth is 3.0%
    • Ventura County Growth is 0%
    • City and County Revenue Deficits

     Our Solution:

    • Promote Investment Capital through Tax and land Incentives
    • Seek More Government Grants to Boost Workforce Training and Infrastructure Improvements
    • Reduce Red-Tape and Invite/Incentivize Businesses to Come Here
    • Rebuild Downtown Oxnard
    • Expand in County Properties at Port Hueneme, 101 Corridor and Channel Islands Harbor

    2. Improve Public Safety and Health!

    • Gang Violence and Crime/Teen Suicides Increasing
    • Greater Oxnard Has Unacceptable Streets, Infrastructure, Un-Affordable Housing and Medical Care
    • Homelessness is Rising Tremendously with No Solutions
    • The Residents of District 5 are Earning the Least in Ventura County

     Our Solution:

    • We Need to Partner with Community Non-Profits, Businesses and First Responders that Work with Our Youth, Gangs, ex-Felons and Teens
    • District 5 Needs Its Fair (Larger) Share of Government Infrastructure Dollars for Water, Energy, Communications, and Disaster Preparedness
    • We Must Address Homelessness with a Coordinated Strategy Countywide of Housing, Education, Medical Services, and Employment
    • Cut Red-Tape, Incentivize Investments in Unincorporated Areas
    • Re-Assess and Plan for the More Low-Density Workforce Housing

    3. We Need to Know What Our Government Leaders are Doing with our Hard Earned Taxes!

    • The #1 Budget Problem is Priorities are on Spending, Not Investing
    • Too Much Emphasis on Government Bureaucracies rather than the Community Leadership and the Free Markets
    • Lack of Financial Statements for the Public to Assess Government Success and Financial Stability
    • No Strategic 5/10 Year Plans that Match the Goals of Promoting a Vibrant Economic Outlook, Providing Public safety and Infrastructure, and Managing Public Debt/Expenditures

    Our Solution:

    • Cut Red-Tape/Fees and Streamline Government Processes for Efficiency (Implement Total Quality Management)
    • Produce and Provide Quarterly, Annual and Future Financial Statements that Compare Budgets with Actual Revenues and Expenditures that Progress Towards Future Envisioned Goals
    • Hold Career Bureaucrats and Politicians Accountable for Performance, not Promises
    • Maximize use of All Funding and Cost Reduction Resources

    What organizations to you belong to, and what impact on the community have you had?

    • American Legion
    • Vietnam Veterans of Ventura County
    • Military Officers of America Association
    • Elks’ Lodge 1443
    • Board Member: Optimist Club of Oxnard-Port Hueneme
    • Board Member: Hope Boyz/Girlz
    • Clergy Council Ventura County Chapter
    • Veterans of Foreign Wars Port Hueneme
    • Disabled American Veterans
    • Paralyzed Veterans of America
    • Elizabeth Dole Foundation/Hidden Heroes/Silver Star Families of America

    Through numerous veteran organizations, we have championed the VA Mission Act (passed into Federal Law in 2018), which has provided comprehensive health coverage for veterans and caregivers in local facilities. (2012-present)

    As a Board Member of Hope Boyz/Girlz, we have championed faith and non-faith organization’s issues in Ventura County, providing a pathway for felons, substance abusers, and former gang members to seek rehabilitation and job opportunities. (2017-present)

    As a Board Member of the Optimist Club of Oxnard-Port Hueneme, we have co-sponsored the first ever bilingual book fair in Oxnard as well as numerous annual parades and scholarship opportunities for our youth. (2019-present)

    As an Elk’s member, we have sponsored/hosted numerous events for veterans and non-profit activities promoting brotherhood, fidelity, charity, and harmony in our neighborhoods.

    As a Neighborhood Council Member, we have championed appropriate development of the Channel Islands Harbor, that matches the needs of the community and purpose of the land donation.  We have also promoted art and culture in Oxnard with the Oxnard Performing Arts Center, and financially sound plans for our homeless shelter.

    Jeffrey Burum will be the number 1 candidate on the March 3rd ballot issued to all registered voters in Ventura County District 5.
    More information and volunteer opportunities including: yard signs, donations and coffee with Jeff can be directed to his staff directly at


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