POLITICS | Race for the 255th – Sacramento Smith’s Greatest? Hits AB-5

One of the more fascinating things about Sacramento Smith is her ability to literally say just about anything when it comes explaining her disastrously liberal voting record.

Take AB5, for example, you know the one that is literally costing independent contractors their jobs across the state with some estimates of 70,000 jobs lost.

Smith actually claims, despite facts to the contrary, that AB5 isn’t costing people jobs.  Guess she missed this one about Vox cutting hundreds of freelance journalists.

Perhaps worse, however, is that Smith has admitted she knew AB5 would be a disaster, and yet she voted for it anyway.  In this lovely hour and forty-five minute interview, she tries to explain how she knew there would have to be changes made.  So, let’s get this straight, she knew it would result in job losses but voted for it anyway, but now claims it’s not costing anyone jobs…got it.

Some of these musicians and songwriters out of work because of AB5 have nothing on the tunes Smith writes up every day.

#3 on Sacramento Smith’s Greatest? Hits: AB5



Mike Garcia believes in a strong national defense and is a pro-business, pro-taxpayer, political outsider with nearly 20 years of service to this country as one of the first Super Hornet strike fighter pilots in the Navy and is a highly decorated US Naval Officer.  Garcia is a first-generation American whose father immigrated to the US in 1959 and has lived in the 25th district for nearly all of his life.  Garcia lives in Santa Clarita with his wife and two sons. He was named to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Guns program as one of the top GOP candidates in the country.

The 25th district encompasses the cities of Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster and the northern part of the San Fernando Valley.  The median income is $76,866 and the ethnic breakdown is 45.8% White, 8% Black, 7.7% Asian and 35.3% Hispanic.

To learn more about Mike and his campaign for Congress, visit https://ElectMikeGarcia.com.

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