POLITICS | Race for the 25th – A Not So Special Anniversary: Liberal Smith’s Signature Bill AB5 Having Her Desired Effect – Decimating Gig Economy, Killing Jobs in Midst of Pandemic

Smith doubles down on support of disastrous law crushing California’s families and small businesses
Valencia, CA – One year ago, jobs-killing AB5 was signed into law in California.
Liberal Christy Smith and her allies in Sacramento knew when they passed it that AB5 would force at least 75,000 Californians out of work, but now we know that its effects are even more disastrous as Smith and her pals go attack even more businesses.
Since AB5 went into effect in January, freelance workers across the state have lost their livelihoods, and that was before a global pandemic hit. With small businesses on life support and many of their workers unemployed due to the Coronavirus shutdowns, Christy Smith and her liberal friends in Sacramento refused to hand them a lifeline. In fact, they’ve doubled down on their support. They even appropriated $20 million in taxpayer dollars during a budget crisis to go after those very workers and small businesses.
“One year later and Liberal Christy Smith couldn’t be prouder of her signature bill AB5, despite the fact it’s literally putting hundreds of thousands of California jobs on the chopping block,” said Congressman Mike Garcia (CA-25). “What’s worse is the fact Assemblywoman Smith knew her bill would destroy at least 75,000 jobs when she supported it, but now we know those estimates are even higher and she’s even expanding her reach into other businesses.”
Smith and her allies are using her signature legislation to attack Uber and Lyft, pushing them to the brink of closure and ensuring the elimination of services that provide hundreds of thousands of jobs and critical transportation for Californians while giving seniors a means for doctor’s appointments and reducing DUI’s.
But eliminating hundreds of thousands of jobs does not seem to be enough for Smith and Sacramento liberals. Reports surfaced this month that on-demand grocery and food delivery services may be next to go. These services have become crucial for Californians during this pandemic, with seniors using them as a safer alternative to leaving the house and restaurants coming to rely on the apps to stay afloat with in-person dining restricted or shut down altogether.
Smith promised her constituents that her bill wouldn’t slash California jobs. We know that was a lie, but instead of reversing course and bringing relief to Californians, she and her liberal Sacramento pals set their sights on other industries.
Christy Smith: AB5 will not “slash California jobs”
Mike Garcia believes in a strong national defense and is a pro-business, pro-taxpayer, political outsider with nearly 20 years of service to this country as one of the first Super Hornet strike fighter pilots in the Navy and is a highly decorated US Naval Officer.  Garcia is a first-generation American whose father immigrated to the US in 1959 and has lived in the 25th district for nearly all of his life.  Garcia lives in Santa Clarita with his wife and two sons. He was elected to Congress on May 12, 2020, winning a Special Election with 55% and becoming the first California Republican to flip a Democrat seat since 1998.
The 25th district encompasses the cities of Santa Clarita, Simi Valley, Palmdale, Lancaster and the northern part of the San Fernando Valley.  The median income is $76,866 and the ethnic breakdown is 45.8% White, 8% Black, 7.7% Asian and 35.3% Hispanic.To learn more about Mike and his campaign for Congress, visit https://ElectMikeGarcia.com.

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