Port Hueneme activist claims Port Hueneme councilmember Schnopp uses city council meeting for reelection speech

EditorialBy Tom Dunn
The VC Star article- Port Hueneme City Council has smooth sail — until the end – regarding Port Hueneme city council member Schnopp, fails as usual to point out the real cause of PH problems.  While Schnopp blames several council members for being disrespectful to her, what I have witnessed is that this is not a fact. The newly elected members (Figg & Hensley), were voted in by PH citizens November 2014 to replace two council members that were part of the city council group, including Schnopp, Breeze and Sharkey and other city officials that put PH in its current fiscal crisis. 
The new members ask questions about the past council’s decisions in creating the fiscal crisis, exactly what the voters wanted to know.  They were called troublemakers and they wouldn’t go along with the majority in saying everything is ok and vote like the majority wanted. Please look at the council videos (ed. note: on http://kadytv.com): Schnopp asked- good, you will see her banging the gavel at meetings when a question was asked she did not like as Mayor.
What is as bad is Schnopp  is using the council meeting and the Star to ask people to come and support her.  This was done for two reasons: one she needs help because her actions haven’t helped the citizens of PH at all, and second, she is up for reelection and is using the council meeting to kick off her reelection campaign.  This is both unethical and shows she cares more about herself than the citizens she is suppose to serve. Two citizens came forward to present facts to counter Schnopp’s vague statements and false accusations that all PH problems occurred in the last two years rather that over the eight year span since Schnoop joined the council.  No other council members vocally supported her statement. 
Be careful what you read, it maybe not factual,  biased or leaves out details as council member Schnopp did.  The article was written by Ann Kallas, long time friend of ex VC Star writer Beverley Kelly, wife of Councilman John Sharky, part  of the trio of council members Donald Breeze, mayor, and council member Schnopp.  She writes many of the PH council meeting articles that strongly side with the three just mentioned.
Tom Dunn, Port Hueneme Coalition of Concerned Citizens, 610 Island View Circle, PH 93041 805-477-8752
Editor’s note: Differing opinions welcome

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