Port Hueneme Annual Seniors Luncheon- It’s ON again!

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The annual Seniors Luncheon in Port Hueneme, a fixture at Christmas time and facing not being a reality this year, was saved by a number of citizens and groups giving money and having pride in their city and seniors that have spent much of their lives in the “friendly city by the sea”. The city council Monday night approved, 4-0 vote, for the Senior Luncheon to be held December 16th as planned.  It is a pleasure to thank those that came forward to keep this wonderful tradition alive and I believe citizens will step up every year if needed for this and other functions that are very important to us all and to our city’s heart and soul.
A total of $4,300 was needed for the luncheon and over $8,000 has been raised.  Any extra money from this year will be used for next year’s luncheon if needed.  If anyone would like to volunteer to help out at the luncheon, contact PH city hall (805) 986-6500) for info, city manager Carmen Nichols has been working to keep the luncheon afloat.  Also, thanks to those that posted on Next Door Port Hueneme the need to raise money for this event and what it meant for the seniors and the city.  It takes everyone’s work, energy and ideas to keep Port Hueneme moving forward when times are tough. I feel a strong turn of the tide in Port Hueneme where its citizens want to do positive things for the city when city hall can’t or is slow to act.   Many times people can get more done and quicker when governmental agencies get bogged down and can’t respond in a purposeful way.
The Seniors that have attended this luncheon for many years thank you so much for your spirit and kindness you have shown and given your money to support.  There is a new city council for Port Hueneme and I hope that they will together as a unit, explore ways to restore the fiscal situation PH finds itself in and improve the morale of city hall.  It seems the citizens have shown they are ready to make things better and it is time for the city council to join in.
 A call to action has been sounded and it is time for a joint effort by city hall to act in the best interest of its citizens and taxpayers.  Let’s all have ‘Port Hueneme Pride’.     Tom Dunn  “Hello Port Hueneme”    

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Tom Dunn is a Port Hueneme civic activist working to restore PH financial and governmental stability. He heads the Port Hueneme Coalition of Concerned Citizens (PHCCC). He is retired- was a sales executive for major health care manufacturers and a small business owner.


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