Port Hueneme | Cannabis Growing Facility Meeting with City Manager Rod Butler & Chief Andrew Salinas

By Tom Dunn

At the meeting with City Manager Rod Butler and PHPD Chief Andrew Salinas the following points were discussed about the cannabis manufacturing plant that is in the process of approval where currently the city maintenance yard is located. 

1)  The deal has not been finalized because the purchase loan has not cleared escrow due to the many details involve in the agreement that must be met ie building modifications and financially secured to insure the proper regulations are met. There are no other plans to build any other buildings on the property in the near future. This seems to be just a matter of time although it has been going on for a few months.

2)  Why not lease the property rather than sale.  Because this is a cannabis business it is still under federal law as a Level 1 Drug (the highest) since the 1930’s.  The Obama administration was not enforcing the law and let states decide what to do.  The Trump DOJ has said it may enforce the law but so far is not putting any effort to go after each city that oks cannabis use.  If the city leased the property and the DOJ decided to enforce the law the city could be held responsible for breaking the law.  The chances an individual company would be charged with breaking the law is that it would be an overwhelming job to go after all of them as opposed to just charging each city.

3)  Security for the property would include but I will not list all security features that would be used so as not to giveaway all features for safety reasons. 

   1)  The property will be fenced in and any gates will be locked 

    2)  Armed Security Guard (s) will patrol inside of property 

    3)  Live video linked to PHPD of outside boundary area exits and streets 

    4)  Employees will have a complete background check, have spot checks, wear uniforms and badges and will be only ones allowed to enter facility other than city

         personnel, PHPD or others authorized by the faciltiy ie business needs, suppliers or repair companies 

These are some but not all of the security systems that will be in place for safety and protection of the facility and PH residents.  So far the security the PHPD has set up for the dispensaries is working excellent and has limited calls to the PHPD in the area around them.   

Tom Dunn is a Port Hueneme resident who is publisher of Port Hueneme News, a digital newspaper (facebook @huenemenews)  and host of  “Hello Port Hueneme” a video interview show about people, places and things in Port Hueneme.

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