Port Hueneme Council Monday: significant job cuts ie. landscaping & lifeguards, more deficits coming


“Port Hueneme city council meeting Monday March 21st 6:30pm at city hall. Interim city manager, John Baker, has announced he will be reviewing the 2015-17 fiscal budgets. At the last city council meeting he said that the budget review contains a lot of bad news. This means significant job cuts ie. landscaping & lifeguards, more deficits coming and a depleting general reserve fund. After years of borrowing from the reserve fund to cover over spending by city management and ok’d by past city councils, three members who currently are still on the board, the reserve fund will now be approximately $6 million, short of both the $8.5 minimum reserve level needed and the $11.2 million targeted reserve fund desired. As of June 2017 the budget will be $2.5 million short of the minimum reserve fund and $5.2 million short of the targeted reserve fund.

These are huge deficits for a city of 22,000, which about 4 years ago had $17 million in its reserve fund. The projection for the future is there are possibly bigger fiscal deficits that the city may face. Come to the council meeting this Monday night and hear what has happened to and will happen to the hard earned tax dollars you have given city management and city councils to look after. Your safety and welfare are at stake. It’s time to become involved in your city’s business. An average of 12-18 regular citizens attending city council meetings tells city management and city council that no one is watching or concerned how they act. This includes wasteful spending, no bid contracts and closed sessions so we don’t find out how they do things that are not in the interest of you and your neighbors.

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