Port Hueneme News | Oxnard Wastewater Plant and New Indy Plant Update Meeting

Robert Bromber, Steve Biddle, Jim Galvin and myself met Saturday to discuss what is the current situation with the Oxnard Wastewater Plant and New Indy Plant.  Robert reported that after finding another source for the sensors they should be in place and start monitoring hopefully sometime in March.  The sensors will provide streaming data on the type of chemicals are causing odors, originating source, wind directions and date and time.  The data will allow us to present findings to plant and city officials and hopefully start the process of making progress in solving the air and noise pollution problem.  The smelly odors have been reduced somewhat by the introduction of an iron based mixture to the wastewater down stream that cut down on some of the odor before the wastewater reaches the plant. Also, we all agreed that the weather has some effect on the strength of odor and when it occurs.  Both the city council in Oxnard and PH have given Robert places to put sensors.and are paying attention as to the progress being made and the PH city council is making a monthly review at the first council meeting each month. 

Robert also said there has been good progress made in getting various governmental agencies involved and that a couple of funding sources may be available for much needed updating and refurbishing of the Oxnard Wastewater plant.  It is a slow and tedious process but we are in a much better place than six months ago. 

Please keep up the reporting of air and noise polluting to the various alert numbers we have.  If someone would email me the various numbers we can call I will put together a list and post it on Next Door about three times a week.  

Tom Dunn is a Port Hueneme resident who is publisher of Port Hueneme News, a digital newspaper (facebook @huenemenews)  and host of  “Hello Port Hueneme” a video interview show about people, places and things in Port Hueneme.

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