Port Hueneme resident praises Councilmen Hensley, Figg

advice arial, viagra dosage sans-serif;”>EditorialBy Tom Dunn

vcialis 40mg arial, sans-serif;”>Port Hueneme Beach Festival – Hope for Port Hueneme 
Finally Port Hueneme city council is doing something right.  Led by new council members Jim Hensley and Tom Figg the council voted to suspend the PH beach festival until further notice because the beach festival lost $50,000+ last year. 
Though the beach festival is popular, it was one of the few things that the city could immediately cut to start stopping the mounting debt of $2.5 million over the last two fiscal years.  This debt was caused by past city managers and city council financial mismanagement and ridiculous salary increases to top management as the debt continued to increase.  Does the city manager deserve to make $200,000+ and the assistant city manager $150,000 (there are other over paid city personnel) in a small, sleepy and low revenue income city of 22,000 residents, mainly retired and low to middle income. This seems to be a small version of City of Bell like activity. If local or corporate companies wish to raise money to support the beach festival that would be greatly appreciated by all city residents.  
On the positive side, interim city manager John Baker along with councilmen Hensley and Figg, have  accomplished the following reforms that the past city officials and past city council members were unwilling to do to  insure sound financial practices and transparent ethical judgment on major issues that affected safety and welfare of all Port Hueneme residents. 
1) Stopped the pre- city council meeting session that had the old guard council members trying to persuade the new council members to vote with them on issues to be voted on at the regular council meeting rather than what they felt was best for the residents of Port Hueneme. 
2)  Stopped no bid contract awards for city jobs, sometimes given to friends of city management.  This was changed to requiring three bids for the council to consider before awarding a contract. 
3)  City council members would also receive bid information to examine before voting for a contract award rather being forced to accept the   recommendation of a questionable committee choice as the past city management and council wanted.
All Port Hueneme residents need a competent city council that can understand and produce a budget that makes sense, is not loaded with pork barrel spending, ridiculous  salary increases and a council has the best interest of Port Hueneme residents in its decisions of major and minor issues.  Residents should attend city council meetings so they have an understanding of city politics and hopefully in November vote for candidates that have their best interest in mind, not the ones that have put Port Hueneme in the current financial mess it is in.  New people and new ideas  are needed to remedy the crisis and return Port Hueneme to the wonderful “friendly city by the sea”.      
Tom Dunn  is a Port Hueneme resident.

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Eileen Tracy
Eileen Tracy
4 years ago

As a new Port Hueneme resident, I also appreciate council members Hensley and Fig and detest the way they have been removed from all advisory groups. They have so much to offer.