Positive alternatives to the NFL protests

By Barry Gabrielson


Positive solutions to the NFL several football players kneeling during the National Anthem:

Some NFL Players, owners and execs have proven to be way out of step with their (in some cases FORMER) fans.

Each far left Nihilist narcissist millionaire donates 1 million dollars each year to the inner cities, promotes school choice, so that all children have the opportunity to learn, contribute, toward promoting the American Dream.

Each football player spends 100 hours of community services in their communities, to help our youth, promoting a positive message of hope, earning, personal responsibility and education to accomplish and achieve their goals. Promote life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, not guaranteed, but earned.

Also give money and guidance to the homeless and the Veterans who fought and gave so much for this country, so they you can enjoy your freedom, fame and wealth.  

Promote staying out of trouble to the youth, family values, morality, ethics, honor and integrity, respect for parents and their country.

Play a positive role model to promote hope, happiness, respect, not a promoter and agitator of hate, anger, resentment, animosity, and futility.

Standing on one knee at a football game accomplishes nothing, but promotes hate, division and resentment of your fellow man, lack of appreciation and respect to be living in the greatest Nation on the face of this earth, a blessing to live here. Stop promoting the false narrative of victimhood and inequality (left ideology).

Instead, promote hard work, motivation, and learn from mistakes, never give up, and success.

Stop promoting a false narrative regarding our wonderful and respectful police force, which protects you from crime and hostility from bad people.  

Try to unify our country based on our similar values, attributes and respect for what is good in our country, and stop dividing this country for your political and ideological messages of resentment and distrust of others.  Successful and remarkable people contribute to our society based on a positive and inspirational message like MLK, and taking action. Be a positive role model and change the world.


Mr. Gabrielson is a retired 30 plus year Senior Financial Analyst, Auditor, Behaviorist, working as a community advocate in Newbury Park regarding children, parents and elderly legal, social, political and educational issues. 

He sued the school district on a civil rights matter involving a mentally challenged child in 1994 and says that he managed to get them to agree to his conditions prior to going to trial.

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