President Biden confirms Americans will be left behind after 12 Marines lost at Kabul


by Chris Bailey

27 August 2021, Ventura County California

In a vague wandering address that spanned thoughts about his dead son Beau, President Biden held a press conference in the White House. In an empathetic voice he claimed he has been watchful and constant in his concern for the success of the retreat from Afghanistan. He made no reference to his Camp David vacation at the beginning of the fall of Afghanistan, and his unavailability when he returned to Washington DC only for a few hours to then leave for Delaware.

President Biden asked for a moment of silence before he looked blankly out past the reporters and sighed. He claimed there is strong resolve to complete the mission to retreat from Afghanistan, and that we will strike against ISIS at his choosing. He then looked down and stated he has a list of reporters with questions.

He was asked if there will be additional forces brought to bear immediately into the Afghanistan theater. Biden stated all efforts are focused on the retreat, and no plans currently will focus on the terrorists. Reuters expressed concern about our dependence on the Taliban. Biden firmly stated it was not a mistake to give the Taliban access to sensitive intelligence information in our effort to assist them in vetting individuals who are passing through Taliban checkpoints to gain access to the Kabul Airport perimeter. President Biden claims the Taliban and ISIS are separate entities, and are not working together. He further emphasized that he does not trust the Taliban. He also stated we will “get as many people out as we can”, implying we will leave people if we have to leave to meet a time frame he set, and the Taliban embraced as their own of 31 August 2021. This confirms the statement made earlier by General McKenzie via link at the Pentagon.

Associated Press asked that given the President’s reference to his son Beau, how does the President weigh to stay even one more day in Afghanistan. President Biden stated that he has made a commitment to stay until the 31st of August, and he will adhere to his commitment. He didn’t seem to have any issue with leaving Americans in a war zone, and he claimed the military has told him we still need to retreat, even after the slaughter of 12 Marines at the Kabul Airport entrance. The President stated the persons he has entrusted with vetting persons to enter the airport environment, the Taliban, are not good guys. Mr. Biden says it is in the best interests of the Taliban to let us escape from Kabul.

An undisclosed reporter asked what the President says to those who are left behind? The President says there is no guarantee that all Americans can be extricated from Afghanistan. He claimed Americans at home understand this, and that those who are left behind knew that is the process. This is in stark contrast to his statements at the beginning of his decision to retreat from Afghanistan. It should be noted that there are many Californians currently trapped behind enemy lines in Kabul and Afghanistan at large.

Reports that US officials gave lists of Americans to the Taliban were confirmed by President Biden. He stated “That is how many of the transactions occurred with the Taliban running the checkpoints”.  President Biden claims when asking tactical questions he asks his military experts, and THEY concluded to give up Bagram Air Base and focus our efforts on Kabul Airport. It was a military decision.

Peter Doocy of FoxNews stated 12 Marines are dead. Does the buck stop with you, President Biden? Biden claims he bears responsibility for everything that is happening now, but that President Trump made a deal that he is stuck with. As he read the room, he stated “I am being serious”. When Doocy pushed back, President Biden claimed people are always sad and have questions when things don’t turn out as planned.

Before President Biden left the press conference, he made comments that the Afghan people are at war with each other, and can probably never be able to be an emerging and stable State. He asked the media to agree with him it would be unwise to add troops with a show of hands. In an odd instant, a camera shot revealed nobody raised their hands. It isn’t a statement the Press disagrees with President Biden, but clearly odd that there would be a pan to the reporters, believing they would raise their hands.

If you have people in Afghanistan, and have yet to communicate with the media that you have knowledge of their whereabouts behind enemy lines, find a media source and get the information out about your loved ones. It is clear that our President has made a decision to leave them in Afghanistan, and the State Department is unaware of how many people are still stranded in Afghanistan.

Chris Bailey is a reporter-at-large of, a business owner, military veteran and longtime resident of Camarillo

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