President Obama: Role Model for Lawlessness: Editorial by Stephen Frank

EditorialBy Stephen Frank

A few months ago a mob of radicals closed down the BART system in the Bay Area. They used their bodies. Arrested, erectile they now claim they did it, but should not be punished—because they did it for “society”. They feel they did nothing wrong. As a role model they can use the President of the United States. He made clear that with a pen and a phone, he will run the United States, no Congress, Constitution or Court will stand in his way.

On February 25 the Washington Times reported, “A confident President Obama said Wednesday he won’t be stopped by “one federal judge,” telling a Miami crowd he’ll move ahead with his controversial executive action on immigration and vowing his administration will become even more aggressive in the weeks and months to come.”

This is the same President that famously told us we could keep our doctors and save $2500 a year if we approved ObamaCare. We now know that was a total lie. When it started coming crashing down, he gave “waivers” of coverage for two to three years for unions, major corporations and favored companies. When the employer mandate was to hit on January 1, 2014, he held up its enforcement till after the November, 2014 election, knowing that if enacted millions will lose great health care coverage and gain poor service and higher costs.

By law, he can not close down Guantanamo Bay, the base holding the worst of the worst terrorists. Instead, he is releasing dozens of them to places like Yemen—terrorist territories. Now these bad guys are back on the field of battle—against freedom and human values.

Using his executive powers he is closing down the coal industry, costing tens of thousands of jobs and consumers billions in higher energy costs for consumers. At the same time he gave tens of billions to solar companies that eventually went belly up—but not before their managers, owners and leaders donated to his campaigns and the campaigns of Democrats around the nation. Think Solyndra.

So, when a bunch of gangsters break the law, why should they be punished, when the President of the United States can go on TV and lie to the whole nation, kill jobs, harm families and still believe he is doing right.

If you or I refused to give Congress information, we would be held accountable. If I used my organizations to stop free speech, I would be sued and go to jail. If I were to use a government organization to stop free speech, that is a crime. People are killed in Benghazi and Obama will not even tell us where he was when the Americans were killed.

If you sold assault weapons to Mexican cartels and got caught. You would need an attorney and would be behind bars till the day you died. The President and the Attorney General, continue to eat at the finest restaurants, with bodyguards to protect them from the society they harm every day.

The President of the United States is a role model. He is the leader of a nation and his actions are those that school children look up to as an example of goodness and patriotism. Sadly, he no longer pretends to be honest.

Recently he was told an action he took was illegal. His response is now famous, “so sue me”.

Is this the attitude of an honest man? Is this what we want to teach our kids, lawsuits instead of ethical actions?

If those gangs in the Bay Area get out of any punishment, it will open the door to chaos and anarchy. The Occupy people in many places were given “time served” (a few hours in custody) and after causing tens of millions in damages and inconveniences millions of people, they got away with violence, vandalism and law breaking. Then the question becomes did President Obama cause them to break the law. Or did he see the Occupiers break the law and thought he can as well. The old, chicken and egg question.

His most recent “taking the law in his own hands” comes from Drudge, “Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle”

My belief is that Barack Obama is the chicken here. He refuses to tell the truth, obey the law or take his oath of office as anything but some guidance. Never in the history of our nation have we had a president tell us to sue him if we did not like his violations of the law. In 2016 we need to be more careful.


Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank: Is the the publisher and editor of the California Political News and Views.  Mr. Frank speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows and is a full time political consultant.

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