UPDATED: Presidential Debate Coverage at the Reagan Library: 9-16-2015

By Citizens Journal Event Team- Debra Tash, George Miller,  Marc Langsam

Check back for updates from the Spin Room – We are onsite and will be reporting a blow by blow.

George Miller and Marc Langsam are at Reagan Library most of the day and evening. Editor-in-Chief Debra Tash will be researching, editing and publishing. We encourage reader comments on our web and Facebook sites. CitizensJournal will add to this story during the day. Watch for new ones, too.

Big Question of the Debate:  Will Trump’s fellow candidates pile on and try to bring down the GOP front runner? 

Reputedly, Rand Paul went to a shooting range in Simi Valley with an AR-15 and copy of the Constitution.


CNN Transcript: CNN DebateTranscript – Part 1

CNN Transcript: CNN Debate Transcript – Part 2

CNN Transcript: CNN Debate Transcript – Part 3


Hugh Hewitt

Commentator Hugh Hewitt–Photo Credit Marc Langsam

Candidate Dr. Ben Carson — Photo Credit Marc Langsam

 Candidate, Dr. Ben Carson, stops by the Spin Room

Our reporters are there in the Spin Room

The Spin Room — Photo Credit Marc Langsam


 CNN Debate Coverage

FOX Debate Coverage

 Reagan Library



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