President’s inner circle conceded Obamacare rationing

Jonathan Gruber, the embattled former adviser to President Obama on health-care legislation, once conceded the Affordable Care Act would be costly and could lead to rationing and the denial of some treatments, the Daily Caller reported Wednesday.

Gruber, however, is not the only Obama adviser to make such astonishingly candid statements about the health-care law, better known as Obamacare.

Steven Rattner, a top Democrat strategist and donor who served as Obama’s lead auto-industry adviser, conceded in September 2012 that the rationing of heath services under Obamacare is “inevitable.”

Further, WND was first to report the foundations for health-care rationing and even so-called death panels may already have been quietly laid in largely unreported sections of the Obamacare text. There is also within the text of the law preferential treatment based on race, ethnicity and so-called life preferences.

The Daily Caller highlighted an Oct. 2, 2009, lecture that was transcribed into a policy brief in which Gruber conceded Obamacare lacked cost controls and that some treatment may be denied.

“The problem is it starts to go hand in hand with the mandate; you can’t mandate insurance that’s not affordable. This is going to be a major issue,” Gruber admitted during the lecture, which was delivered before the law was passed.

He continued: “So what’s different this time? Why are we closer than we’ve ever been before? Because there are no cost controls in these proposals. Because this bill’s about coverage. Which is good! Why should we hold 48 million uninsured people hostage to the fact that we don’t yet know how to control costs in a politically acceptable way? Let’s get the people covered, and then let’s do cost control.”

Gruber discussed the denial of treatment as a way to make up for the lack of cost controls.

“The real substance of cost control is all about a single thing: telling patients they can’t have something they want. It’s about telling patients, ‘That surgery doesn’t do any good, so if you want it you have to pay the full cost,’” he said.

“There’s no reason the American health-care system can’t be, ‘You can have whatever you want, you just have to pay for it.’ That’s what we do in other walks of life. We don’t say everyone has to have a large-screen TV. If you want a large-screen TV, you have to pay for it. Basically, the notion would be to move to a level where everyone has a solid basic insurance level of coverage. Above that, people pay on their own, without tax-subsidized dollars, to buy a higher level of coverage.”

Obama adviser: ‘We need death panels’

When it comes to such candid statements about Obamacare, Gruber is not alone among the president’s inner circle.

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