Private Property Rights Under Attack by Comprehensive Land Use Plans

ileana030414By Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh

Humans have always desired to own a piece of land that could be passed on to their heirs. Once they acquired property for homestead or farming, adiposity men labored on their land under the assumption that it was theirs to keep in perpetuity.

If you ask the government, viagra 40mg land belongs to the proprietor as long as the required taxes are paid in full each year and the government does not confiscate the property through eminent domain or deem it environmentally endangered and in need of protection. If you ask progressives, cialis land belongs equally to everyone and nobody should be allowed to “own” anything, it should be communal property.

The painful lesson in communal property (communism) at Jamestown has been forgotten or never learned. When people worked the land together, some worked harder and some were lazier, yet everyone ate the same. The entire settlement almost starved to death. The following year, when the communal property was divided into individual parcels, everyone prospered.

Humans understood then that individual freedom and cooperation on smaller scale are much more successful than domination by a few in an exclusively government-run society.

The idea of Sustainable Development that emerged in 1987 from a conference by the World Commission on Environment and Development, chaired by Gro Harlem Brundtland, seemed innocuous. It was defined as “Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” It sounded lofty except for the nagging questions: who decides what the needs are, how are they going to parcel out the needs, how are they going to implement them, and who will police the decision-makers?

This call to Sustainable Development became the blueprint of a myriad of rules and regulations incorporated in the 1992 document called Agenda 21 signed by 179 nations at the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. This 40-chapter document addresses every aspect of human life, not the least of which is property.

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One Response to Private Property Rights Under Attack by Comprehensive Land Use Plans

  1. William "Bill" Hicks March 8, 2014 at 8:40 am

    Check out this weeks Acorn Newspaper and look ok the first page. You will see an article titled…..”Pushing for Safe Passage.” No, it’s not adding a light at an intersection or a crssing gaurd at a school; it’s a project to assure safe passage for Mountain Lions in Agoura near Liberty Road.

    State Senator Fran Pavley toured the underpass at Liberty Canyon Road and the 101 Freeway to inspect a “safer route for Mountain Lions and such.

    Environmentalists support an appropriate overpass to avoid more Mountain Lion road kills than was experienced last year. By the way, there was one such verified road kill on the 101 freeway. Keep in mind, the Santa Monica Mountains carrying capacity does not match the current Mountain Lion population and since you can no longer hunt them in California, how are we really going to control an excessive population? This pangs with something that would be right up the alley for County Supervisor Parks theme of “wildlife corridors.”

    It’s time to contact Ms. Pavley and ask her some pertinent questions:

    1) Who is going to pay for this overpass?
    2) How many Mountain Lions are dedicated to her next election?


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