Pro-Illegal immigration demonstration planned near Naval Base Ventura County for Tuesday

NavalBaseVCBy George Miller

There will be a pro-illegal immigration demonstration outside Naval Base Ventura County tomorrow, Tuesday, July 8, at the corner of Ventura and Pleasant Valley Rd., Port Hueneme.  The theme is humane treatment for “the children.”   A caravan originating at UCLA Labor Center will terminate there. The event is sponsored by the pro-amnesty National Day Laborer Organizing Network, CARECE and the United Methodist Church.


DHS buses transporting illegal immigrants near Yuma, AZ 7-2-14

Actions by the Obama administration may have prompted a mass migration of many tens of thousands more illegal immigrants.  Many have said that official statements about policy and proposed legislation would tend to attract immigrants who might be under the impression that they would be welcomed here and immigration law would not be enforced, which may be the case. The White House disagrees. But, Obama has made numerous statements supporting more and easier immigration and amnesty, such as on June 30.

News media in the United States and in the countries of origin of the illegal aliens have given credit to the Obama administration for saying that unaccompanied minors who cross the border illegally would not be deported.  Beyond a policy of granting the equivalent of asylum to underage children from Mexico and Central America make it across the border, there is also the hope that those who are rushing to cross now will be covered by by both major political parties in the United States.

Some Border Patrol stations in South Texas have been overwhelmed and not preventing illegal entry, but rather are processing arrivals, collecting what information that they can get on them.  They then either release them on promises to come to future immigration hearings (a vast majority never do), or transport them, sometimes across the continent and warehousing them until disposition can be assigned. Many are being placed with relatives in the USA,  although it has been reported that parentage and/or familial relationships have not rigorously checked.

Busloads of immigrants sent to other places such as Murietta, California have created great controversyThe Mayor of Murrieta reported that the the Department of Homeland Security did not warn him, much less ask for his permission to bring illegal immigrants to the Border Patrol station in Murrieta.  Multiple cities in the U.S. have rejected the idea of serving as processing centers for tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, most of whom would be enrolling in local schools in September. Using military bases for this purpose limits the ability of communities to have a say in the matter.  Getting information from our elected representatives has been limited because Congressmen, for example, have been prohibited to speak to the internees.  In June, the City Clerk of Port Hueneme CA told that the city was never informed of illegals being lodged at Naval Base Ventura County under the care of US Dept. of Health and Human Services.

According to reports, the navy made space available for the US Dept. of Health and Human Services to house illegal immigrants at Naval Base Ventura County and that approximately 1200 had been received there with about half remaining. We were told that some have been placed with relatives or even other members of the public.

ImmigrationDemonstration7-8-14The U.S. Dept. of Health And Human Services is using housing units provided by Naval Base Ventura County.   CJ was told by a public information official there several weeks ago that there was space for about 600 people and that no external community resources, including schools, would be utilized for this. An employee at a local clinic told us that they had been hired to take care of immigrants housed on the base, but has not been forthcoming with further information.

On June 16 an email from a local church official was being circulated locally, as follows:

“Loved Locals,

Jesus said “I was a stranger and you took me in.” We have the privilege of hosting Jesus this weekend.

We have an exceptional and wonderful opportunity to bless the professionals who are working with a few hundred of the almost 50,000 unaccompanied minors who have recently crossed the border seeking refuge primarily from Nicaragua, Honduras and Guatemala. We need beds just this Friday, Saturday, Sunday for 200 professional adults, as all our local hotels are full. If there is room in your inn this weekend please message me as soon as possible.

We also have additional ways we can bless these children who are at the Port Hueneme base. Message me for details.

God has woven us together as His people in Ventura County for such a time as this.”

Obama has stated repeatedly that Congress must pass “immigration reform” or he will take action himself. Constitutional experts have said that is not the President’s prerogative to make law or selectively enforce it.

A sound bite from one of the Facebook sites promoting tomorrow’s event read: “Let’s show our love, compassion and support directly while standing up to any greedy haters that feel the bounty of the earth belongs only to them.” Others question whether a country which is broke, deeply in debt, with 20%+ de facto unemployment, decaying infrastructure and a hollowed-out industrial base is in a position to be so magnanimous. Still others say that aid might best be applied in the immigrants’ home countries.

Our previous article on this subject:


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant, active in civic affairs, living in Oxnard.

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