Pro-Life Speaker Challenges Audience to Become Ambassadors for the Unborn

By Michael Hernandez

Event speaker was Seth Gruber – Life Training Institute Speaker

OXNARD–“We have aborted 55 million babies in the United States in the last 43 years,” said Seth David Gruber, Life Training NewLifeCommunityChurchInstitute speaker at Oxnard New Life Community Church, “killing babies is profitable, saving them is costly.”

Gruber, a 2014 graduate from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, called the audience to become “ambassadors for the unborn.”  According to Gruber, “we must speak up for those who cannot speak.”


According to Gruber, “We live in a culture where Christians and non-Christians are deeply confused” in regards to life. Gruber, a son of a pregnancy crisis center mother, established his campus Right To Life club and interned at The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform as well as organized and funded an abortion debate between Scott Klusendorf, founder and president of Life Training Institute and Nadine Strossen, former president of the American Civil Liberties Union from 1991-2008.


VCPregancyCtrThe pro-life event held Aug. 27 was hosted by the Ventura County Pregnancy Center and History Makers At The City Gates “Lights in the City” campaign.   Also present in the audience were local Catholic pro-life advocates engaged in the Defenders of Life 40 Day Prayer Vigil that is slated to begin on Wednesday, Sept. 23 and run through Sunday, November 1st which will also be preceded by a Justice For All pro-life seminar on Saturday, Sept. 5th at St. Sebastian Catholic Church Parish Center, 235 N. Ninth Street, Santa Paula, CA 93060.

“The position of the American church (in regards to life) is similar in response to where the church was during the Nazi regime,” said Gruber.  

“We need to clarify the nature of moral reasoning,” said Gruber.   “Abortion is an indefensible act regardless of how people feel about it.   It is an indefensible act of violence that takes the life of a defenseless unborn child.”

“It is just wrong to take an innocent life without justification,” said Gruber.   “We need to clarify what is the unborn?   Many assume that the unborn is not human.  Yet the science of embryology” teaches that the unborn is a “distinct, living and whole human being.”

According to Gruber, “size, level of development, environment and degree of dependency” does not disqualify the unborn from “being human.”  Gruber stated “a compelling case for life is made by appealing to science and philosophy.”

Gruber recounted the Parable of the Good Samaritan and then asked the audience “who is your neighbor?”   Gruber said, “Isn’t the unborn your neighbor?   We need to be ambassadors for the unborn children.  Lives can be saved.  Lives can be changed.”

The second pro-life speaker, Mary Ann Ambroselli, Executive Director of the Ventura County Pregnancy Center has been working with the crisis pregnancy center for 22 years and serving as executive director since 2001.

“I know how a mother can experience panic and feel guilty and be scared and have overwhelming pressures when she is pregnant,” said Ambroselli.  “I was unwed, 19 and pregnant when I had my first son and decided on adoption.  Three years later, I gave birth to my second son which I also gave up for adoption.”

“Unfortunately, 10 years after my first son, I got pregnant again and as a single mom, struggling financially, I felt my only option was an abortion.  I was desperate to please my boyfriend. “

“After the abortion, I felt empty, depressed and I started drinking and dealing with drugs to numb the pain.   Then I became pregnant five months after my first abortion and I had my second abortion,” said Ambroselli.

“My life went on a downward spiral of self destruction.  My relationship ended and I was suicidal.   But by God’s grace, the Lord reached out to me at my very painful place and drew me close to Him.  I spent a year getting closer to God and I finally resolved that God loved me.”

 “Then in 1978, I met a beautiful Christian man and we got married in 1979” said Ambroselli and “God blessed us with two beautiful daughters.  Now I have 16 grandchildren.”

The 71-year VCPC executive director said it was her passion to share Jesus with all who needed to discover God’s love in their life.  She does that every opportunity she has at the Ventura County Pregnancy Center.

The Ventura County Pregnancy Center is a local non-profit, volunteer Christian organization.  “Our mission is to help anyone who finds themselves in a crisis pregnancy situation with emotional support and practical means.  We believe that all life is precious and intrinsically valuable.”

The Ventura County Pregnancy Center has administered 65 pregnancy tests and 57 ultrasounds in 2015 (January-August), 19 were considering abortion.  All but one decided to carry the unborn child with some of these now participating in the Earn While You Learn program.  The VCPC has had 1,077 clients and 107 fathers attend Earn While You Learn classes during this same time period according to Ambroselli.

Participants in the Earn While You Learn program earn “baby bucks” that can be redeemed in the VCPC in-house boutique to purchase maternity and baby items.   Participating clients must be pregnant or have a child under the age of two years to participate.

“If you think you’re pregnant and want to talk, call us.   You can reach a caring, trained peer-counselor by calling (805) 648-3301.  You don’t have to go through this all alone, We want to be a form of support for you.”

The Ventura County Pregnancy Center offers free pregnancy tests, pregnancy verification referral, confidential counseling, nonmedical ultrasound, and abstinence education.  All services are free.   Donations of baby clothes, furniture and money are always accepted.  No funding comes from the government but only from private sources.

The VCPC Golf Fore Life fundraising event takes place on Monday, Sept. 28 at the Saticoy Country Club.  An individual player costs $200.  Tee sponsorship costs $150, par sponsorship costs $1,000, birdie sponsorship costs $2,000 and eagle sponsorship costs $3,000.  Those not wishing to golf can enjoy the buffet meal for $50.  The deadline for registration is Tuesday, Sept. 15th.  Registrants can sign up online.

All VCPC services are available for minors.   According to California law, a minor may seek services related to sexuality issues without parents permission or knowledge. VCPC English classes are Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 10 and 11:15 a.m. and on Thursdays at 1 and 2:15 p.m.   Spanish classes are held Thursdays at 10 and 11:15 a.m.  Individuals can sign up online at the VCPC website.  Bilingual counselors and volunteers are available if you call ahead of coming.  Volunteer training is held two times a year in fall and spring.

The Ventura County Pregnancy Center is located at  1732 Palma Drive #103, Ventura, CA 93003.  Hours of operation are Monday-Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For More Information Contact:

Michael Hernandez

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Original announcement:

Pro-Life Event on Thursday, August 27th at Oxnard New Life Community Church

Pro-Life Event on Thursday, August 27th at Oxnard New Life Community Church

History Makers and Ventura County Pregnancy Center Sponsor Pro-Life Event on Thursday, August 27th at Oxnard New Life Community Church   Seth David Gruber Life Training Institute Speaker OXNARD—Seth David Gruber of Life Training Institute will be the guest speaker at the History Makers International and Ventura County Pregnancy Center sponsored pro-life “Lights in the […]


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