Project Veritas | “We don’t do business with any of those types of people”

Can your bank ban you for your political views?

It sounds like something from a George Orwell novel or an authoritarian regime.  But in America, can someone restrict the flow of money of their political enemies?

In our Twitter investigation, Veritas has showed you “Deplatforming.” It’s the way big tech removes political commentators from their platforms to thwart political speech.

In our latest investigation, Project Veritas journalists uncover “Debanking.”

Could major U.S. banks like Chase be barring conservative and rightwing organizations from making business transactions because of their political views?

In our newest video, Veritas introduces you to Enrique Tarrio.  Tarrio is the chairman of the controversial Proud Boys and is an entrepreneur who sells provocative tee shirts and merchandise on his website

Chase Bank refused to tell Tarrio why they suspended his account.  Shocked and frustrated, Tarrio reached out to Project Veritas.

See what our journalists uncovered and view the latest video HERE.



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Citizen Reporter

If Chase strictly applied “moral” standards, they would have to ban many of their biggest customers. Don’t hold your breath. This is ALL political.