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Richard Eber

We all know the story of when Bernie Sanders was addressing a crowd of followers in a bar he promised them “free health care and drinks on the house”, only to be interrupted by a  guy in the back who yelled “Who’s going to pay for it?”

All of the free stuff and promises Democratic Candidates offer makes deficit spending of President Trump and his predecessor Barack Obama seem like child’s play.  Free College, forgiving student loans, Medicare for all, reparations to decedents of slaves, and Patriot’s checks (guaranteed annual income for everyone); to name a few.

Why not throw in a free admission to Disneyland and a case of condoms? The possibilities are endless. Along with this giveaway programs that would require Santa to take out a second mortgage, Democratic hopefuls are firing up their base to lighten their wallets.

The most common way to solicit funds is to ask recipients of these emails to sign a petition promoting a progressive cause.  After the mark presses a button on their PC to venture an opinion, requests are made to monetarily contribute to the cause in order that this message is delivered to the appropriate parties.  Of course the petitions are disseminated via the “Stairway to Heaven” courier service, so no one ever receives them.

On line one sees:

Sign Bernie Sanders’ petition, Richard, say you support the Bernie 2020 plan for education. »

In my view, a quality public education available to all is fundamental to any democratic civilized society. In the deepest sense, a nation that does not educate its children properly will fail.

And, in that regard, we ARE failing. Today, out of 35 major countries throughout the world, the U.S. ranks 30th in math, 24th in reading, and 19th in science. And, because far too many of our schools are becoming re-segregated, if you are a student of color, the chances are your math, science, and reading scores are even lower.

So why is it that the billionaires of this country get huge tax breaks, but our children get broken chairs, flooded classrooms and inadequate support staff in their schools?

Why is it that our teachers are paid the lowest salaries of any major country on Earth and the top 25 hedge fund managers in this country make more money than the combined salaries of every kindergarten teacher?

As a scapegoat artist, Sanders blames the wealthy and hedge fund operators for poor educational performance in public schools.  He believes learning is a commodity that can only be improved by throwing more money at the problem

In addition Sanders assails Charter School from taking funds from public ones under the direction of evil education Secretary Betsy DeVos. He does take into account the poor state of K1-12 education; (especially in California) several years prior to Donald Trump assumed the Presidency.

Sanders arguments for signing his petition sounds a lot like an 19th Century philosopher who provided the foundations for Comrade Lenin and Chairman Mao to fuel their revolutions.  Spewing class warfare.ideology, Sanders is asking voters to act like an uprising of the proletariat to catapult him to the White House

Elizabeth Warren is using a similar approach. She charges:

Mitch McConnell is DEAD SET on helping Russians interfere in our elections. SIGN NOW to DEMAND election security >>


Republicans know they need to cheat to win, and Russia is helping them do it.

That’s why Mitch McConnell HATES Warren’s plan. But with strong public support we can push this bill through and save our democracy!

Stand with Elizabeth Warren against McConnell’s attacks and DEMAND election security >>

Kamala Harris is not about to be outdone by anyone.  Her solicitation asks:

Sign the petition to join Kamala Harris for President and urge Congress to begin the impeachment process against this president.

The American people deserve trust and transparency and the Trump Administration continues to fail time and again. We need to begin impeachment proceedings and we need a new commander in chief.  It’s our constitutional obligation. The future of our democracy depends on what we do right now. Thanks for raising your voice during this critical time.

Add your name to join Kamala Harris for President and urge Congress to begin the impeachment process against this president.

Based upon the reasons to impeach the President, we are led to believe dislike is reason enough to replace the chief executive.  In this virulent tract, “trust and transparency are sufficient criteria to impeach.  We have to ask are these charges of High crimes and Misdemeanors real or based upon news feeds from CNN and MSNBC?

Facts do not matter to The Daily Kos or Harris as both believe their followers are so filled with hatred for Donald Trump, it is no longer required to lay out logical  reasoning of any sort. Just use the word “transparency” and legitimacy is obtained.  Double down and place the “race card “into the fray and one captures the essence of her Presidential campaign.

All three of these Democratic hopefuls have been joined by late declaring candidate former Vice-President Joe Biden.  His contributions to political lore was a fund raising gambit that blames Donald Trump for the killing sprees in Ohio, Texas, and California.  If we are to believe him, these unfortunate events were fueled by the President’s alleged white supremist’s remarks that caused mentally ill gunmen to pull the trigger.

Biden used the killings as tool to urge fellow Democrats to send him campaign donations.  It matters not if victims are used as pawns to raise money. After all, it takes a village and a lot of cash to run a campaign.

Perhaps in Biden’s mind, the famous “Make America Great Caps” should be put in the same Basket of Deplorables as KKK outfits and Nazis swastikas. As such these he would like to see the Trump head gear be labeled as being terrorist paraphernalia.

As the campaign unfolds, these Progressive Democratic candidates will say just about anything to stand out in a crowd. Nothing is sacred including middle of the road donkeys!

We also have to remember this is only August.  Just think how outrageous the accusations and promises will be when the actual voting starts in the primaries next year?

Maybe voters will support Democratic wealth redistribution programs and cheerfully lose their jobs and livelihoods to embrace the Green New Deal. Promises in the dark sound pretty good until you have to pay for them.

Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education, restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

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