Protests Make Noise Below GOP Debates

By Beau Akers, 9-16-15

The moment of excitement hit when Trump rolled up to Presidential Drive.

Reporters ran for their cameras, Republicans cheered and Democrats booed.

New York real estate tycoon Donald Trump waves as he meets with local voters in Amherst, New Hampshire March 19, 2015. Trump took the first steps on Wednesday toward launching a 2016 presidential campaign, a sign the businessman may jump into the Republican race after publicly considering it in years past.  REUTERS/Sam Goresh

Trump in an SUV elsewhere.

He stopped at the intersection, riding in the first SUV of his caravan in the front passenger seat.

Trump rolled down the window and pointed to his supporters and continued up Presidential Drive.

More than 200 protesters set up camp beneath the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library  in Simi Valley as the GOP round two debates ensued.


SUV’s, reportedly a Donald Trump convoy, make their way up Presidential Drive toward debate at Reagan Library. 9-16-15. Photo: Beau Akers/

Protestors came out from around Ventura and Los Angeles County to support and speak out against the GOP. People arrived on buses, with Teamsters signs.


Pro-Amnesty demonstrators carry effigy of Donald Trump at Reagan Library road- Presidential Drive.  9-16-15. Photo: Beau Akers/

The protest topics that filled the streets below the debate focused upon issues of immigration, birthright citizenship, and defunding Planned Parenthood.


The far side of Madera Rd. was occupied by immigration law enforcement advocates. Photo: Beau Akers/


Video sent by immigration enforcement protesters





…Pro-lifers protest Planned Parenthood abortions/sale of baby parts for profit, near Reagan Library, 9-16-15

On the Conservative side of between 30 and 50 people, signs were lined up requesting the borders to be secured and the 14th Amendment to be interpreted as far as allowing illegal immigrants to bear automatic citizens in the United States.

Tony Dolz, a resident of Thousand Oaks and naturalized Citizen and his supporters, set up three by eight foot banners supporting Donald Trump’s immigration policy to end birthright citizenship.

He said, “My wife and I are naturalized immigrants, so immigration is an important issue to us because we believe that immigration is being in compliance with immigration law.”

“It is unjust to foreigners who are going through the legal process who are securing entry into the United States waiting sometimes for years when people just cross the fence and be entitled to tax payer benefits” Dolz said.

On the other side of Madera road on Presidential Drive, protestors lined the streets to boo Trump, chanting “LA Dump the Trump” and “Stop the Hate”.

One anti-Trump attendee said why she does not want Trump as president is: “he personally doesn’t have my vote, he doesn’t have love for America; I don’t know why he is running for president.”

A Simi Valley couple hopes that Bernie Sanders will hit the White House in 2016. They said they will vote for him because “his campaign is funded without big business, has a consistent political career, and supports the middle and lower class.”

Trump fans support him because they say he shares similar rhetoric and supports the issues that many of them support.

Many Trump fans like him because he is not a politician, although from watching him debate; I’d say he’s more of a politician than most of them.


Elise Cooper from American Thinker also wrote about the immigration protest.

Also: Fair Tax advocates, Trump supporters and anti-vaxxers were present.


Beau Akers is a recent graduate of California State University, Northridge where he majored in journalism.  He is a storyteller, adventurer, occasional comic, and a very amateur hockey player.

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