Public Comment: Agenda #8: January 26, 2021 — VENTURA BOARD OF SUPERVISORS — “Why” Questions Prove CV-19is a Scam-Demic



By Judy Bruce

Socrates taught the pursuit of truth can only begin once people start to question and analyze every belief that they ever held dear.   If a certain belief passes the tests of evidence, deduction, and logic, it should be kept.   If it doesn’t, the belief should not only be discarded, but the thinker must also question why he was led to believe the erroneous information in the first place.

Please check out the following “why” questions to see if the “COVID-19 Pandemic” passes the test of logic and deduction:

Why should anyone be afraid of a virus that:   (1)  Cannot spread from person to person?  (2) That’s not infectious and that he/she can only get by injection?  (3) When there is zero risk because a virus cannot float through the air or live on surfaces?  (4) When we have 8 trillion viruses in us and they are part of our immune system?   (5) Has never been isolated?   That was faked by taking our own genetic material and coding it “COVID-19“?

Why would I wear a mask if:   (1) It ruins my immune system and prolongs disease?   (2) It kills more people because coughing does not spread disease?    (Coughing on others is actually a good thing because it helps someone else strengthen their immune system?   (3) When it says “you control me“?)

How can you trust the media statistics when:  (1) The PCR test is worthless because it was never invented for diagnostic purposes?   (2) When they manipulate the numbers by the number of cycles of amplification of the genetic material? So that they can create or flatten the curve?    (3) When hospitals are getting paid $13,000 for “covid and three times for ventilators.  (4) When all vaccinated people will test false positive?  (5)  When the media ignored the fact that Dr. Fauci announced the death was three times the flu yet the day before he wrote in the New England journal of medicine that it’s just a seasonal flu?   (6) When diagnosis is made by flu like symptoms?   (7) When 99% are dying from 2 to 3 other illnesses and they’re putting COVID-19?    (8) When doctors are pressured to put Covid for anything on the death certificates even a cough!?  (9) When it’s never been proven that a virus causes disease?   (10)  When they’re not promoting how to strengthen immune system like vitamin C, sunshine etc.?

How can this be anything but a scam when the media:  (1)  Uses the same photos for different countries?   (2) Uses crisis actors which they admitted in a document written 50 years ago called “Action COVID-19“?  (3) When they never mentioned Event 201 simulation exercise in New York City October 18, 2019 six weeks before the “outbreak  which they called a virus COVID-19!

Why should I trust vaccines:   When Gates says “they do a good job of reducing the population”?   (2) When Fauci would only manufacture vaccines if there was no liability because he admitted they are not safe and it’s going to cause deaths?   (3) When studies prove they are the cause of pandemics?   (4) Since the coronavirus is a cold virus and there is no vaccine or cure for the cold?


Based on the above “Why” questions, a 5-year old can figure this is a scam.   So what is the real purpose?   That’s a rhetorical question because you all know the answer; but that is a story for another time.    

The whole idea is utterly laughable.   And yet, due to the blithering barrage of nonsense dished out by the government and non-elected officials/media complex, “patriotic” Americans have accepted this ridiculous fairy tale with a religious conviction.

For any thinking human being, those  “why” questions should make you realize  that (a) you have been duped or (b) you are the ones doing the duping.   I believe you realize the draconian/unlawful measures that are being imposed on us — especially the small business owners—  are criminal acts of fraud punishable by imprisonment.    You should all be locked up for life for the many deaths (suicides, etc.)  pain and suffering you have caused our community.   

Judy Bruce is a local activist

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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