Oxnard Public Hearing 05-16-2017 on Utility Rate Increase (Wastewater)


By Larry Stein, 5-16-17

The staff’s presentation for tonight’s public hearing (Agenda Item K-1) on utility rate increases  ignore’s the work of the 1st URAP (2015). Why bother getting involved as a citizen if your efforts get ignored by the 4th floor and the elected officials. Questions get asked by the public, but get ignored by staff, unless one pushes hard to get questions answered.

Who cares if one set of ratepayers underwrites the costs of another set of ratepayers? The city attorney does not care, the city manager does not care, and the mayor does not care. The ratepayers of the wastewater fund are subsiding the users of GREAT Water. GREAT Water users are not paying the cost of feeder stock. GREAT Water users are not paying the cost of debt service directly related to the GREAT Water Program. It is projected that within 5 years, GREAT Water users will be needing up to 14,000 acre feet of feeder stock from the waste water facility with no intent to pay for it. The rate increase for the Wastewater fund would not have to be as large if the Water Fund paid the Wastewater Fund for the cost of feederstock.
Respectfully submitted,
Lawrence Paul Stein 

Oxnard activist objects to wastewater financing

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The city of Oxnard operates 3 utility facilities; Solid Waste (Environmental Services aka Trash), Water, and Waste Water (aka Sewer). Each utility is operated as if they were separate businesses. The financial reporting process is tracked through a method known as Enterprise Funds. Revenue is collected together in a combined bill listing the fees for […]

Residential utility rates explained

 Larry Stein is an accountant and  former Oxnard Mayoral and Treasurer candidate, who has been following City of Oxnard financial issues for over 20 years.

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