Questions From The Fringe On COVID-19 Pandemic

By Gregory Albaugh, DO

Many times a day we receive articles claiming the end of the world is near. Mainstream media has branded this type of journalism as “conspiracy theory” and publicly demonizes anybody who disagrees with their narrative. The truth is all conspiracy theory is rooted in some fact. If this were not the case, these claims would not have any traction with the pubic. This rule obviously excludes the Church of scientology and their belief in Xenu, who according to Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, was the dictator of the “Galactic Confederacy”. But I digress.

In a recent article published online at the Natural News, claims of a fanciful science fiction assault on humanity was reported. The article claimed, “The biological war against humanity has just shifted from the “please take this friendly vaccine” phase to a globalist “nuke from orbit” stance that plans to force mass extermination injections on the entire human race.”  The dramatic tempo of the article was enough to set off those prone to conspiracy theories but turn off the more moderate readers.

It went on to state, “The irrational desperation of governors and national leaders to force spike protein bioweapons injections into the masses is a sure sign that this has never been about public health. Rather, it has always been about compliance with experimental, deadly injections that contain gene alteration nanotech alongside toxic particles that are well known to induce antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) in victims.” For even the calm, sensible, yet curious reader there is cause to pause and ponder the message.

The report suggested that the mass vaccination campaign is a global extermination event unfolding under the false label of a “public health” initiative. I know many folks that have been vaccinated and I certainly hope this is not the case. I have to agree with the claim that all broadcast by the journo-terrorism media along with Big Tech are controlling every conversational narrative. I have been fact checked by Facebook a couple times. The political pressure from Washington and the State capitals have been increasing over the summer as a new threat of lockdowns hang over California and other states.  The public Health institutions like CDC and WHO were said to be “conspiring to lie to the very same public they are deliberately working to slaughter with the bioweapons they designed.” I am not sure about WHO, but the CDC certainly didn’t have anything to do with the Wuhan lab in China. For the CDC this is their moment in the spotlight. Unfortunately, they repeatedly follow the leader with as many recommendation gaffes as President Biden does on international issues.

COVID-19 is a Corona virus. Historically corona viruses cause around 20% of the common colds we experience every year during cold and flu season. The report makes a valid point that a COVID-19 physical specimen has never been isolated from a sick human and shown to cause illness by itself. You would think that one of the many super spreaders could spit into a cup so our scientific community could look at it under a microscope and figure out why it is so evil.

I also agree with the discussion on the COVID-19 test. In March 2020 when the first cases started to be recognized, a COVID-19 test magically appeared. There was great enthusiasm about getting tested to make sure you were not going to die anytime soon. The tests used a technique called Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR to look for fragments of the virus. Since no one to date has ever isolated the virus, it makes you wonder how accurate the tests were? If they were looking for spike proteins on the corona virus’ crown common to all corona viruses, then we the populace have been seriously duped.

According to the report, “tests are flagging people as “positive” for having fragments of previous colds or even flu vaccines from previous years.” The authors medical expert Dr. Judy Mikovitz verified this fact. Throughout 2020 the positive covid test tally rose. If there was a lag, we were told that the test had false negative results (presence of virus but negative test). The most closely guarded secret, more secret that the launch codes for the nukes, was the false positive rate (positive test but no COVID-19)

The author claims to be a lab science founder and owner. He personally has been unable to locate any isolated, physical reference standards of the claimed COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2). All the companies selling so called “isolates” are admitting there are no such things, offering bizarre disclaimers such as, “this product is not suitable as a whole cell antigen preparation because the protein content is largely contributed by the host cell and the fetal bovine serum used during virus propagation.”

This means it is not a COVID-19 “isolate”. We have been judging all the ‘science’ based on loosely fitted together instances and forming stern judgments. Sputum samples from ill patients were harvested and propagated. There is serious potential for contamination of viral fragments and genetic material, combining wild type viruses with previous monkey viruses found in flu shots, plus human genetic material and so on. Once again, COVID-19 ( SARS-CoV-2) has not been isolated.

BEI Resources, which sells this isolate, also warns that it cannot state anything about these samples being accurately labeled or confirmed in the least:

BEI Resources makes no warranties or representations as to its accuracy. Citations from scientific literature and patents are provided for informational purposes only. BEI Resources does not warrant that such information has been confirmed to be accurate.

Unfortunately, the report is correct claiming this is far from any legitimate, scientific “Certified Reference Material” (CRM) that is typically used in legitimate science.

The report goes on to claim that there is “no such thing as a “Delta” variant which appears to be nothing more than a clever name for spike protein vaccine side effects.” The CDC posted their update on the Delta Variant but the information is quite ambiguous however they did state on August 3, 2021 that “no variants of high consequence have been identified in the United States”.

The report presented on its surface would appear to be on the fringe of acceptable COVID-19 discourse. I however find some truth in the frenetic message. It is strange that we have not isolated the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We have not done the genetic mapping that would surely follow. We do know the genetic code of the spike proteins, which incidentally are mutating. We do not know the false positive rates in the millions of COVID-19 tests that were performed on patients during the Pandemic. The new vaccination does not appear to import immunity to those who get it. The delta variant seemed to emerge at the same time that vaccination enthusiasm waned. Many questions but not many answers from those who should know.

I will not even mention the mask mandates.

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Dr. Greg Albaugh is a physician in Ventura County and assistant publisher of Citizens Journal.


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