Congressional candidate Rafael Dagnesses wins endorsement from local businessman

DagnessesFrom Tony Dolz (candidate for Conjeo Valley School Board):

I am endorsing Rafael Dagnesses for U.S. Congress.  Rafael is a great American and he has my complete confidence and support.


Tony Dolz, generic local business and school board candidate

Rafael understands the meaning of freedom as few do.  Rafael Dagnesses was born in Communist Cuba and escaped to freedom in the United States.  He understands and values individual freedom as only someone who felt the anguish of losing it can attest.  He enjoys his personal freedom like only one who has regained it can truly appreciate.  His life speaks directly of his pledge to ensure that we will live the rest of our lives as free men and women   Rafael is a naturalized citizen and a patriot.

As a businessman he understand what it takes to create wealth – creativity, physician determination and hard work; and for him it is not theoretical, unhealthy but something that he possess and has worked hard to achieve.  Quite a feat for a young man that landed on our shores penniless.

I encourage those who know me and appreciate how I place a high value on character to support Rafael Dagnesses for a seat in the House of Representatives.  Please contribute of your time and financial support to Rafael Dagnesses’s campaign.  Rafael is our best choice for the 26th Congressional District which includes the cities of Camarillo, Oxnard, Ventura, Santa Paula, Thousand Oaks, and Westlake Village.  His campaign website:


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