Rand Paul Getting Boost from Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders

By Brian Kearsey
Senator Bernie Sanders has officially tossed his hat into the presidential ring. While Rand Paul can’t afford to take his focus off his most significant challenge to becoming our next president – the neocons struggling to maintain their decades long grip on the GOP – he’s got to be smiling from the much appreciated help he’s getting from the estimable socialist. Sanders, shop like Paul, illness is a man of principle who sincerely wants to rein in the corruption in DC. He will gently, eloquently, and persistently flank Hillary on the left, and his ideological and behavioral purity will sharply contrast the odoriferous reputation she has worked hard to earn with decades of moral and political machinations. If she refuses to be drawn further to the left, the vibrant but narrow progressive segment of the party will undermine her chance of winning the nomination; if she yields to the pressure and shifts to placate them, she will ensure that the droves of moderate and conservative Democrats seriously consider joining the throng of independents who are already strongly attracted to Rand.Unlike both Rand and Sanders, Hilary’s dearth of ethical principles ensures that she will make her decisions on political expediency alone. It will be interesting to watch her tact back and forth in the months ahead.Bernie Sanders –
One Phenomenal Strength, One Fatal Flaw
Candidate and Senator from Vermont: Bernie Sanders

Candidate and Senator from Vermont: Bernie Sanders

Phenomenal Strength

Bernie Sanders has a long track record as a man of principle and integrity in public and private life. That record was not hard earned however – when you have noble principles you don’t have to work hard to establish an impeccable reputation, it grows organically.

One Flaw

Sanders has only one flaw – a fatal one. He suffers from the progressive delusion that the problems created by abuses of the ungodly power and money flowing to DC can be improved by dramatically increasing the power and money flowing to DC. The reality is that such childish dreams cannot make such beautiful wishes come true. A handful of noble men like Sanders cannot negate the law of human nature that ensures such power and money will ALWAYS attract men of low morals who will put on a silk suit and say ANYTHING to gorge on the billions of dollars in special interest money that the gaggle of corporate and union thugs funnel to buy access to the federal trough.

There is much to be done to restore the luster to this once and future great nation, but we can’t effectively begin until we are united in a general grasp of the problem. It is NOT the politicians. It is NOT the special interests. It is NOT the Constitution. We get the government we deserve, and we certainly deserve the bipartisan hell we’ve repeatedly elected for the last few decades. A strong federal government has a role, as does a strong free market and strong unions, but the bulk of the work can and MUST be done ground up, Bob Marley and Grateful Dead style. The transformation we need so desperately can and MUST start in your heart and mine and radiate outward through our families and LOCAL communities to be reflected back by the federal government. That’s exactly the formula that the Founders relied on in hand crafting an exquisite document that sees the power firmly rooted in we, the people, but has a series of intricate checks and balances to protect us from ourselves while we try to build the world that both Jesus and Karl Marx, both Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders, and both you and I envisioned – one where all 6 billion humans sing Kum Ba Ya My Lord round the cosmic fire in the universal tongue with peace and prosperity reverberating across the planet.



Government is neither reason nor eloquence, but force.  Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. As soon as liberals and progressives mature enough to realize this fact, they can join we, the bleeding heart libertarians here on the easily defended high moral and intellectual ground of the Constitution and we can work together to forge a path to the common vision. (We have a long, common taproot on many issues, but that history lesson is the topic of another essay.) We bleeding heart libertarians are radical – radically moderate. There is a time for unilateral federal intervention – civil rights legislation was long overdue by 1900 – but such federal interference MUST once again be understood to be a last, desperate resort. There is a time for covert ops and overt military action overseas, but we have quite deservedly lost our formerly glowing reputation in the hearts of freedom lovers across the planet. We must refocus our priorities on our problems here AT HOME and be a MUCH better example to LEAD the planet into the New Age by EXAMPLE, not drag or push it. These and other such federal actions must be once again seen as a last resort, not a knee-jerk first options as both parties have so obviously been inclined to see them.

I am working on a blueprint to build a coalition of progressives, moderates from both parties, independents, and libertarians to hammer out common sense, practical compromises to work together on the federal level and form a third force in Congress, breaking apart to resume the natural, healthy food fight over the family political table on the state and local level. We need “only” about 25% of the seats to win on almost every issue, since most Democrats will join us on social issues and most republicans on economic issues. Stay tuned to this station for details…

In the meantime, I completely agree with Hillary that “Everyday Americans need a champion” but the only “champion” in the presidential race so far with his eye on the correct horizon is Rand Paul.


Brian Kearsey

Brian Kearsey

Brian Kearsey is a well respected educator and founder of Crossroads, a private school. Kearsey, a former resident of Simi Valley California,  now resides in Kent New York with his family. You can get in touch with Kearsey on Facebook.

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