Random Thought on a Year of Horrors

By John Jay

The new year, 2021, will have to be better than 2020, for certain!! I cannot remember any year, in the past 50, that was as bad as 2020.

—– The word “swamp” is not adequate to describe the District of Crime (DC). “Cesspool of Malfeasance” is a better description! Or “septic tank”, wherein the
biggest “pieces” rise to the top of the tank!

—– When someone says “people of color” while talking about black people, that is a racist term. We are all people of color: white color, brown color, red color, and black color.
Say “black people” or “Afro Americans” instead.

—– I still believe, from my vast readings in magazines, newspapers, online web sites, and so forth, that Covid 19 was not, repeat not, an accidental release from the city of Wuhan, China!! I believe it was a deliberate release from the germ warfare lab that the Chinese military operates near that city. I believe the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) ordered the release to (1) get even with President Trump for all the damage that he did to their economy with his “America first” agenda, and (2) to thin out the gigantic population in China. By the way, about 10 years ago a germ warfare lab in Utah (Dugway Proving Grounds), operated by the U.S. Army, released live anthrax spores (via shipments) to a dozen other labs across the USA. Anthrax, if released in large
enough quantities, in enough places, can kill millions!!! Very dangerous stuff!  (The shipments of anthrax should have contained dead spores, but some idiots at Dugway
shipped out live ones instead.)

—– Amazing leadership we have!! A crazy man in the White House, and an elderly gentleman newly elected to that post, who seems to have many “senior moments”. And a newly elected VP who has quite an interesting combination of genes. A very smart lady to be sure, but what a combination of nationalities in her family background!

Time to say goodbye 2020, and hello 2021, and to wish everyone out there a happy and healthy new year.

JOHN JAY, Oxnard resident, “Voice of Truth”

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