Re: California: The World’s Largest Insane Asylum

By William HicksCAInsaneAsylum

I’m not only a retiree after 43 years of service, but also a product of Los Angeles Unified School District. I graduated from High School in 1963 and had a World Class Education. If you are among the graduates from the Los Angeles Unified School District today, you’re lucky to have a Third World Education.

You may ask how this happened. Here are a few tips from personal experience:
1) There was a time when School Board Members were volunteers and were employed part-time with a minor stipend for their efforts. There was very little politics involved; just people that wanted to be helpful to their community. Now School Board Members are full time employees with a, let us say, not so small a stipend for their efforts. Board member is now a purely a political position that is used as a launching pad to higher political office.
2) There was a time when both Classified and Certified employees’ compensation was based on a formula that compared others in the State of California with similar job descriptions, averaged them  and reduced that by the benefit package that came along with public employment. That was called a benchmark. There was never a large increase in income or benefits, but it also wasn’t the extreme burden placed on taxpayers that we see today. There were no unions to demand unreasonable benefits and income. Then came the Unions.
Now just hear this part clearly. The basis now has been settled for the fleecing of the flock through our taxes. In order for the Board Members to be reelected to their jobs they had to have the blessings of the various public sector unions. The Board Members showed their appreciation by agreeing to unsustainable union contracts that could be paid for on the backs of taxpayers. AND the unions showed their appreciation for the Board Members by using union dues to finance their favorite Board Members’ elections. It’s a vicious circle, and an incestuous relationship, but it is how we’ve gotten away from a World Class Education System and how cities and counties have also copied the Board Member/Union relationship. You can see it in all its glory with the Ventura County Supervisors today. But there’s some light at the end of the tunnel if you’re wise enough in District 1 to elect Grau instead of Bennett.

William Hicks is a long time resident of Newbury Park and is retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District

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