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    Recall Election Failure

    Commentary by George Miller, Citizens Journal


    Our condolences to our patriotic friends in CA who will have to continue to be subjected to Gov Nuisance and his insane, toxic policies. I predicted the failure of the recall and that gave me no joy. In fact, it is one more reason that we became political refugees from CA to FL.

    Even without election fraud, which is significant, Newscum would have won, because the left has a supermajority, reinforced by decades of propaganda from the education bureaucracy, media, NGOs, and political parties, as well as the influx of millions of illegal immigrants, people’s desire for “free” stuff, erosion of the rule of constitutional law and more. Some good news is that Larry Elder is now more well-known and famous than ever.

    Look for more Agenda 21 nonsense, higher crime, taxes, decay, deficits. It will be even worse now that they have turned back the biggest challenge to the secular progressive oligarchy in decades.

    After 41 years we bailed out of CA. We just don’t see it turning around in our limited time left on Earth. We did what we could to stop the fall of the state and might have even slowed that down a smidgen. I won’t discourage others from continuing the fight, especially younger ones who are more likely to survive to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

    If I had stayed in CA, my next step would have been massive resistance to the unconstitutional/illegal actions of govt. Since not enough people are prepared to do that at this time, it would have been hard on the few that did. So, I figure I would have been dead or imprisoned within 2 years- and for what?

    Looking back at the example of the American Revolution, it only occurred when the movers and shakers had had enough and developed first the rhetoric, then the means to take control, with only 20% of the population behind them. USA movers and shakers are so sclerotic or compromised by the system that they can’t and won’t lead us out of this mess. It would have to be done by relative unknowns and upstarts in sufficient numbers to constitute a critical mass,

    As you can already see, such upstarts are being demonized, mocked, and fought every step of the way by the same elite who should be fighting the negative forces affecting our society.


    George Miller

    George Miller is the former Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant now residing in Florida.

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    George Pattone
    George Pattone
    1 year ago

    After contemplating the supposed “landslide” rejection of the buffoon Governor Period Fullstop, I’m tending to agree with Mr. Miller…
    The corruption in this state is SO deep and pervasive that I don’t see things turning around in my lifetime and I see more risk than reward in sticking around here….
    Last week’s Wildwood Quake was just one more reminder that the mild climate also has imminent seismic dangers as well…

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