Recipe of the Week—Country Gravy










Country Gravy


1 lb of country sausage, make half into patties. 



Salt and Pepper


Fry all of it up cooking the patties normally. 

Break up into small pieces while frying it. 

When sausage is done remove from pan, saving the leftover oil/grease.  While keeping it hot add enough flour to the oil to make a paste. (Amount will vary depending on the fat content of the sausage you cooked. 

Fatty sausage will, of course, yield more oil than lean and thus more gravy.)  Keep on heating the oil flour mixture (a rue) until the it turns a rich brown as the flour toasts. 

At that point add milk to mixture.  Milk will boil furiously.  Again the amount added will depend on how much oil you started out with.  Add milk until until the gravy is of the consistency you like. 

Stir in the small pieces of sausage and serve over country biscuits. 

Salt and pepper to taste and chow down. 

You will be in hog heaven.

Editor’s Note: Keep a resuscitator handy


Tom Baldwin, formerly of Moorpark where he served on the School Board, now resides in Utah with his family

Have a favorite recipe? Old family secret?  Share it with us! 

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