Reconciling One’s Democrat Vote, Party, and Policy Position


By Michael Greer

Many, many Christians and Jews are Democrats.  I constantly wonder why.  Some of the most actively religious people I know, who go to worship every week and can quote scripture, are from the Black, Latino and Jewish communities. “Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God”.  I don’t understand how you can obey God and vote Democrat so I have to ask Christian/Jewish Democrats to seriously consider the following and explain how you reconcile them.

I want to ask you……what party is actively removing religion from the public square, schools and politics. What party was for slavery?  Do you know not a single Republican owned a slave?  Who supported Jim Crow laws? The KKK was the military arm of what party? What party supported segregation? What was the party of the Governor who stood in front of schools to prevent Blacks from entering? What party fought against civil rights for a hundred years? 

I keep wondering how Christians and Jews can keep voting for an ideology that supports teaching Islam in our schools? Allows Muslim prayer in our schools but not Christian prayers? That supports making criticism of Islam a crime? How do Christians and Jews support an ideology that wants abortion any time for any reason? That supports Planned Parenthood that sells aborted baby parts? How do Christians and Jews reconcile that with their faith?

What ideology has removed civics, the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem from schools? What ideology supports multi-genders, unisex bathrooms and locker rooms? Who supports teaching transgender and homosexual lifestyles as normal to kindergarten children? What ideology is teaching our children about anal and oral sex in grade school? Who is sexualizing our children and then accusing those who act on it of sexual abuse? What ideology supports punishing people who believe marriage is between a man and a woman?

What ideology believes in anthropogenic global warming even though there has been no warming in 23 years? Who wants to return us to pre-industrialization? Wants to ration our use of energy and water?  What ideology is forcing us off our private property and wants us all to live in apartments? Wants us out of our cars? And is willing to use punishment, high taxes and regulations to FORCE us out of our cars, homes, farms and ranches? Who shut off water to the San Joaquin Valley and turned green, bountiful farmland into dust?

Who was for the European Union and the North American Union (precursors for One World Government)?  What ideology is for Global Governance? What influence do you think you’d have on policy if there is global governance? What “angels” do you think would rule? And if you didn’t like it, where would you go?  Who wants no nation states, no patriotism, no sovereignty?  Who wants to allow Sharia courts?  What party wants amnesty along with open borders that will bring more illegal immigration? When we are becoming a technological economy and don’t need more unskilled workers, why would we bring in more?  What party supports replacing skilled American workers with H1B visa workers?

What party has allowed violent protestors to destroy, loot, and burn property? Has told police to “stand down” and allow protestors to beat those who disagree with them? Who supports Occupy Wall Street? AntiFa? Black Lives Matter? Who refuses to accept Michael Brown was the aggressor in Ferguson even though the Holder Department of Justice and FBI investigated Ferguson and found that to be true?

What party created the Department of Education that dumbed down our education system, The War on Poverty that has spent trillions and not lowered the percentage of poor, The War on Drugs that has also spent trillions to no effect, Welfare that has destroyed minority families? What party removed Social Security from it’s “lockbox” and want to give it to illegal aliens who have donated nothing to it? Who calls Social Security an “entitlement” when it’s really a pension system WE contribute to?

What party is actively censoring speech they don’t agree with?  What party is calling the truth “hate speech”? Is Liberal speech being censored? Have Republicans rioted to prevent Liberals from speaking on College Campuses? Are Liberals being banned from Twitter and Facebook? Are Muslims? Democrats used to be passionate Free Speech advocates. No more. Why is that OK with you?

What party prides itself on being for “women’s rights” but supports Islam under which women have no rights. Under Islam women are subjected to genital mutilation, must cover themselves, can’t drive or work or go to school without permission. Can’t leave the house without male relatives. Can’t get a divorce and don’t own their children.

What party prides itself on being the party of tolerance, inclusiveness and diversity? Yet, not diversity of thought, inclusive of White people, or tolerant of opposing opinions? What is the party of those who decry White Privilege and discredit  everything White people have done as evil? What is the party of identity politics? 

What party is taking more and more of your rights from you? What party is making energy too expensive to use? Who will be hurt the most from this? Who is making it too expensive for low income people to own a car? The elites of your party will still have all the energy they want and own cars, but you won’t.

I understand the temptation to want one party rule if it’s your party, but do you really? Look at California.  For all intents and purposes we have a dictatorship. Half of us have no seat at the table and our legislature doesn’t care what we think or want. That is exactly what our founders didn’t want.  They wanted everyone to have a voice. Everyday our legislature passes laws that take our liberty and impose punishments on us for behavior they disagree with.  Certainly you see the value of having two parties. One party to reign in the other.  Neither being able to disenfranchise the other.

I’d like to ask you, when have your representatives fought harder for anything than they are fighting to protect illegal aliens? How does it benefit YOU to have criminal illegal aliens protected from deportation? Just before Christmas Governor Brown pardoned two illegal alien criminals so they wouldn’t be deported. He pardoned 132 criminals and commuted 19 sentences. Why are criminals being protected? Would you be?

I sincerely ask how Christian and Jewish Democrats reconcile their religious beliefs with the policies of those they vote for.

Michael Greer

Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  She is also president of American Freedom Alliance.  Her website is:



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