Recount of CA District 45 State Assembly Special Election requested by Susan Shelley

Press Release

Editor’s note: The two candidates in this West San Fernando Valley district are only about 300 votes apart. There are some special circumstances that make a recount worthwhile. What is especially interesting is that this district has only about 25% Republican voter registration. A Shelley victory would break the Democrat 2/3 majority in the Assembly.


Opponents Susan Shelley and Matt Dababneh
Hi, everybody,I have requested a recount of the November 19 election. Here’s a copy of the press release that just went out:For Immediate Release
December 2, 2013California Assembly candidate Susan Shelley requests recount, cites vote discrepanciesStatement of Susan Shelley on request for recount of November 19 election:A thorough analysis of the reported and certified results of the November 19 special election shows an apparent discrepancy of 206 more votes counted in Los Angeles County than were available to count. I have asked officials at the County Registrar/Recorder’s office for an explanation of these numbers. They have been very helpful, however, questions still remain.

The deadline to request a recount is 5:00 p.m. today. At this time, I believe the discrepancy may be an indication of errors in the count. It may be that these questions will be cleared up quickly, but in an abundance of caution, I have asked for a recount.

The attached two-page summary lists the apparent vote discrepancies and includes a breakdown of the election results.

During my investigation of the election returns, I discovered that over 1,800 vote-by-mail ballots that were logged in as “returned” and included in the county’s vote-by-mail reports were actually undeliverable ballots that had been returned by the U.S. Postal Service. I believe this should be investigated further to see if this was the result of errors by the USPS or whether these voters should be removed from the voter rolls.

I would like to thank the officials and staff at the Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder’s office for their assistance and professionalism throughout this process. I’d also like to thank Ellen Swensen and the team at the Election Integrity Project, a non-partisan, independent, citizen election oversight group, for their help in reviewing election data. Most of all, I would like to thank my supporters, volunteers, donors and especially the voters. They have forcefully demonstrated that political power belongs not to the people who hold it, but to the people who grant it.


We can choose the order in which we recount precincts. If you have concerns about any specific numbers that you saw in the Statement of Votes Cast, please e-mail me and let me know.

Thank you for your support!



Susan Shelley
Republican nominee for California Assembly, District 45
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P.S. Contributions can be made online here. Your support is greatly appreciated.


Contributions to Susan Shelley for Assembly are not tax deductible.Paid for by Susan Shelley for Assembly, 2013
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Susan Shelley for Assembly

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Rozy Press

Let’s All Help Susan Shelley. Let’s help her Raise the Recount Money. Stop the Democratic 2/3 majority. Stop the Democrats from raising the taxes, the poor economy, worse school districts and the rampant waste, fraud and corruption in the state. Help Susan Shelley. She is someone who care about all of us and the state of Ca.

admin was informed that a recount could cost up to $25,000 and that it would be authorized and payable in stages. Shelley’s campaign is attempting to raise the money.


That’s not the only reason, C Muller. Special elections usually have very low turnouts and voters tend to be more informed and motivated.

C Muller

Here’s why she did so well:

Prop 13: Still the 800-pound gorilla