RED ALERT: Rep. Knight Joins Amnesty Effort In The House!

By Greg Aprahamian
I have alarming news,  The day after of our huge victory in Santa Clarita where we became the first city in Los Angeles County to join the court challenge against SB54, our Republican Congressional Rep. Steve Knight has decided to rain on our parade and has announced he is joining with every House Democrat and is filing a discharge petition to force a vote on amnesty for illegal aliens.

Greg Aprahamian confronts RE/ Steve Knight over his weak immigration stance a a protest in front of his office.

This discharge petition is kind of a shell game called “queen of the hill”  where it will force a vote on four different bills, three different versions of amnesty and one enforcement bill.  The enforcement bill will not pass and at least one of the amnesties will pass with 100% support of the Democrats and a hand full of pro amnesty Republicans, and Steve Knight is one of them.  
Steve Knight has announced he is the 18th Congressmen to sign the discharge petition.  
Despite pledging not to support amnesty for illegal aliens, this discharge petition will force a vote on amnesty if seven more pro amnesty Republicans sign on.
This is a huge slap in the face of his constituents that oppose amnesty for illegal aliens.
Simi Valley and Santa Clarita unanimously passed court challenges to SB54, (first in their respective Counties) and Rep. Knight represents both these cities in Congress.  This was a strong and clear anti amnesty, anti sanctuary message .  How could Steve Knight be so blind and deaf to not acknowledge the will of his constituents and see the unanimous statement that they made?
Please make this urgent call and tell Steve Knight and tell him:   
to remove his name off of the discharge petition.
Thank you,
Greg Aprahamian
Washington: 202-225-1956
Palmdale: 661-441-0320
Santa Clarita:   661-255-5630
Simi Valley:   805-581-7130
Amnesty ‘Discharge Petition’ Gains: Ryan Urges Bipartisan DACA Deal | Breitbart

Greg Aprahamian is a Santa Clarita activist.

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Catherine Carillo

typical rino. The signs were there.

Bruce Boyer

What a mess! Knight stands with us on the 2ndA and right to life, deserts us on Border sovereignty. Who does he think this caters too? His Leftist Dem opponents! Not his voters! Figure out who ALL of your voters are Mr. Knight!

Denise Pedrow

Thank you Greg Aprahamian for calling out lying Steve Knight. He is clearly ignoring the voters that he represents. He has broken trust with his voting base. We cannot trust him to do the job he campaigned to do, this includes Julia Brownley! All liers are OUT come election time. We need strong leaders who will listen to their voting base and not be weak and swayed by special interest groups or groups that base their shrill message upon feelings and not facts. This is about the public safety of our American cities, communities and citizens. We need an overhaul of our immigration policy, but a sweeping “Amnisty” is the LAZY way to ‘make this problem go away’. We pay our congress well to make the tough decisions FOR and IN THE INTEREST of the American people. HOW is this going to benefit the average American Citizen? LAZY POLITICIANS GO HOME!

Matthew Baker

I was on the fence with Knight in 2016, but Mike Judge ( city council member and pro tem mayor ) SWORE to me that Knight was on the Trump train. Even though Knight didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to admit it before election day. I took a chance, HUGE mistake, Knight is NEVER at work, gets NOTHING done and leans democrat most of the time. We need a good Republican to run against knight. He is unopposed in the upcoming primary, but will get CRUSHED in the general.