Red Cross Issues Warning To Stop Blood Plasma Donations From Vaccinated People


(Natural News) If you took a Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine,” the American Red Cross will not accept blood plasma donations from you due to the inherent toxicity issues caused by the injection.

As it turns out, convalescent plasma should only be collected from the unvaccinated who still have clean blood that has not been contaminated with deadly spike proteins and other chemicals that threaten to kill those who receive blood transfusions.

Thanks to “Operation Warp Speed,” there is now a massive shortage of pure blood in the United States that has not been tainted with genetic modifications and other damage. Mass vaccination, in other words, is effectively killing people who desperately need unvaccinated blood but cannot find it.

now-archived document from the American Red Cross explains that anyone who takes “any type of COVID vaccine” is “not eligible to donate convalescent plasma” because of the serious risks involved.

“One of the Red Cross requirements for plasma from routine blood and platelet donations that test positive for high-levels of antibodies to be used as convalescent plasma is that it must be from a donor that has not received a COVID-19 vaccine,” the document explains.

Scientifically speaking, it is critical for those receiving donor blood to have sufficient antibodies directly related to their own immune systems. Tainted blood from vaccinated people does not qualify.

“This is to ensure that antibodies collected from donors have sufficient antibodies directly related to their immune response to a COVID-19 infection and not just the vaccine, as antibodies from an infection and antibodies from a vaccine are not the same.”

Red Cross discontinues convalescent plasma donation program entirely after FDA rule change

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) apparently thinks differently about vaccinated blood.

new document on the Red Cross website now explains that because the FDA “allows people who have received a COVID-19 vaccine to donate dedicated COVID-19 convalescent plasma,” the Red Cross has decided to discontinue its convalescent plasma donation program entirely.

“The FDA allows people who have received a COVID-19 vaccine to donate dedicated COVID-19 convalescent plasma within six months of their infection of the virus, based on data that antibodies from natural infection can decline after six months however, the Red Cross has discontinued our convalescent plasma collection program,” the new document explains.

In other words, it would appear as though the Red Cross is not comfortable continuing to collect and administer convalescent plasma from people who took the jab, even though the FDA claims that doing so is completely safe.

This type of thing is par for the course for the FDA, which rarely promotes policies that benefit actual human beings. The agency really is nothing more than an extension of Big Pharma that does whatever is necessary to keep the profits flowing – even at the expense of human life.

“The antibodies naturally produced by covid infection actually work,” wrote one commenter at Citizen Free Press.

“The antibodies artificially produced by covid vaccines do not work as well, and actually wipe out the natural covid antibodies. This is why vaccinated people are increasingly becoming significantly ill with covid.”

Another commenter wrote that the Red Cross is denying that it does not accept convalescent plasma from vaccinated people, even though the document on its website claims otherwise.

“The FDA says that you can donate convalescent plasma within six months of infection, even if you’ve been vaccinated,” this person wrote, calling it a “legal lie.”

“But the Red Cross guidelines prohibit them from using convalescent plasma if the individual has been vaccinated.”

The latest news about the how Chinese Virus injections contaminate a person’s blood can be found at

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Christian Robinson

Please click on the link that says Archived article which will take you to the Red Cross document from June 2021 where they say on page 3 “If you receive any type of COVID-19 vaccine, you are not eligible to donate convalescent plasma with the Red Cross. However, you may be eligible to donate other blood products with the Red Cross including whole blood and platelets if you meet other donation eligibility criteria.” 
Remember they are talking about not being able to donate CONVALESCENT PLASMA….you may be able to donate other blood


I clicked on the first link of this article and it took me to the way back machine and clearly states “If you receive any type of COVID-19 vaccine, you are not eligible to donate convalescent plasma with the Red Cross.” Do these people not click on the source links. SMH


Your link to the article does not work, so sorry don’t believe this.

Angel McMillan

I just read the archived document.

Robert A.

Your name reflects well on your character.
It worked for you and you didn’t like what you saw so you claim it didn’t and that you “don’t believe this.”
Why not just do one better and say, “This is spreading misinformation.”

You and those like you are pitiful. You’re conditioned to believe everything you’re told by people that contradict themselves constantly and are proven by unbiased specialists to be full of… well… your name B.s.

But yeah, the link absolutely works. MAYBE… just maybe it really wasn’t working when you checked. But it is now. Check it again?


Accordingvto the Red Cross you CAN give blood even if you have been vaccinated. So what gives? With the article?


the issue is convalescent blood plasma, not blood donations.


All lies! Go to the Red Cross website and see for yourself. This author has misconstrued everything! What kind of worthless rag is this publication?


This directive is from June 12th 2021 and has been archived. Yes, the Red Cross has altered the directive after intense pressure by the Government and Pharmaceutical companies. The creator gifted us all with brains, more people need to use them. Do you believe everything corporations and Government tell you? Do you think they have you and your family’s interests at heart?


This is a lie.

DrDan — “Due to the decline in hospital demand and because the Red Cross and our industry partners have been able to build a sufficient supply of convalescent plasma to meet the foreseeable needs of COVID-19 patients the Red Cross stopped collecting convalescent plasma completely on June 14.”


Wow. Do you consider yourself a journalist? No integrity. Ironic that you site Red Cross as a source and when I go to their website it completely contradicts what you are claiming to be truthful. Not only are you spreading lies about the Red Cross not accepting vaccinated blood, you don’t seem to understand the science about it but feel comfortable spreading lies. Shame on you. The people who die after reading your fallacies and thinking that it is reputable information to base their healthcare decisions, will be blood on your hands. You are the problem.

Tiff Jones

If the Red Cross doesn’t want vax blood then that should tell you something. Wake up people when are you all going to see they (Big Gov) wants us dead. They don’t care about anyone.


sounds like a Trump supporter wrote this article….


Oops! Meant to send that to your private phone!


So sexy smart Ethan! Still want to meet at motel tomorrow night?


This is bs. It literally states on the Red Cross website they don’t care if you have gotten the vaccine or not.” As long as donors are symptom-free, feeling well and can provide the vaccine manufacturer’s name, there’s no waiting period required after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine currently authorized in the U.S. Additional blood donation eligibility information is available at”


its about convalescent blood plasma, not blood donations.

Doreen H

This is a bullshit article. I give blood/plasma every 3-6 months and have had zero issue continuing to give blood. Stop putting out LIES!


Wouldn’t surprise me if this was true but I just went to Red Cross website Sep 5th and they are taking vaccinated blood. You just need to let them know who you got the vaccine from.


This is totally misleading I am shocked it is considered news. Go goggle it.


What a load of bulls—-! Stop spreading lies.

Ted sanchez

What is convalescent plasma

Fuck you

None of this true. The Red Cross website even says it will blood and plasma from vaccinated. Don’t worry you unvaxed fucks will be dead soon and America much better for it.


Simply going to say at this time that you need to take your language to a higher level.

Lady v

We have antibodies just like you after we have covid so you’re mistaken on that. I and my husband, got it back in November and did just fine. Hardly had any symptoms. My brother got the delta 3 weeks ago, his Dr put him on zinc, vitamin D3, magnesium and other things and he’s covid free. So seems like you’re the dumb fuck.

Mike Smith

“Don’t worry you unvaxed f—s will be dead soon and America much better for it.”

Wow. That’s really deep! *

* (sarcasm)

Of course, being on the left means never having to defend your position. Being on the left means indecent name calling, shutting down debate and utterly faking patriotism. This clown won’t even use a decent screen name!


Douglass – you’re full of crap. I’m vaccinated and just donated blood through the Red Cross.


Blood is not plasm! Maybe the jab has disrupted your vocabulary ability?

Last edited 17 days ago by Lynn

Don’t be surprised if they discarded it.


Well, that should tell us something! Red Cross not accepting plasma from vaccinated people. Need we say more?


They aren’t accepting plasma because convalescent plasma is useful for Covid. They will gladly accept blood donations from vaccinated and not vaccinated. This is a non story


Typical of to reprint false news.


Sue, please look at the document in question:

if you do, you’ll see that in the ‘Step 2’ section, in paragraph 3, it clearly states what the article contends.

Thus it looks like is actually once again publishing TRUE NEWS.


I can’t see anything but pictures when I pull up the link. Anyone have a screenshot?


I read the article and went to link and saw where it seems to say you can donate. But after going back and checking step 2, paragraph 3 this is what is stated.”If you receive any type of COVID-19 vaccine, you are not eligible to donate convalescent plasma with the Red Cross. However, you may be eligible to donate other blood products with the Red Cross including whole blood and platelets if you meet other donation eligibility criteria”. It’s all a bit confusing to say the least.

Rebecca Vaughn

There should be no debate as to why an individual refuses to get a vaccination. What is wrong with the medical experts who have duped people into thinking they are following science? Poisoning people with vaccines and now robbing people of good blood transfusions!


This is a false story!


Rachel, please look at the document in question:
if you do, you’ll see that in the ‘Step 2’ section, in paragraph 3, it clearly states what the article contends.


Read the Red Cross website, they specifically address this issue and say it’s not true. They simply don’t need convalescent plasma anymore because there are better options. They also specify that the vaccine does NOT wipe out antibodies. Check the original sources for quotes and context.


You are wasting your time and effort with the followers of this web site.


How about yourself, Sue? You seem to be rather active in spreading your own brand of disparagement on many of the journalistically bold news articles here.