Religious freedom doesn’t matter to Biden WH, says attorney

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In a move perceived by an attorney as a White House attack on religious freedom, the Biden administration is appealing a court decision allowing religious hospitals and doctors to opt out of gender-transition procedures.

That decision, handed down earlier this year, blocked a requirement known as the “Transgender Mandate.” It would force medical professionals and religious hospitals to perform the procedures – including children – even when the procedures are potentially harmful.

“This is unbelievable that this Biden administration and Xavier Becerra, head of HHS, would want to force religious hospitals and doctors to violate their conscience to perform these invasive surgeries that amputate healthy body parts to match someone’s confused mind,” says Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel.

Staver points out that despite the fact America was founded to protect religious freedom, “the Biden administration and this Cabinet and these agencies under Biden’s authority literally could care less about religious freedom,” the attorney continues. “Their agenda is L, G, B, T, and Q and abortion – and nothing else matters to them.”


Staver characterizes President Joe Biden as a “kind of pretender in the White House” who is out to destroy America and Judeo-Christian values. “It’s time for people to wake up [to that], and we must push back and speak up at every opportunity,” he adds.

By way of illustration, Staver says doctors aren’t expected to give liposuction to someone who is anorexic and requests the procedure.

“[Such patients] think that they’re overweight when in fact they’re emaciated,” he describes. “You don’t give them liposuction to match their confused, distressed mind – you do mental health behavior modification; and that’s exactly what you have with these people who are confused about whether they’re male or female. You don’t cut off parts of their body and give them opposite-sex hormones that will ultimately destroy them for the rest of their lives and permanently maim them.”

Christian Medical & Dental Associations is also concerned about the Biden administration’s appeal (see video), describing the White House’s appeal as “misguided” and not science-based.

The administration’s appeal is based on a January 2021 ruling in the U.S. District Court for the District of North Dakota Eastern Division involving the Religious Sisters of Mercy, Catholic Benefits Association, et al. against the federal government and the Obama-era mandate for doctors and hospitals to perform gender-transition procedures.

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