Remembering December 7, 1941: a day which shall live in infamy

By George Miller

The December 7, 1941 massive Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and other U.S. interests in the Pacific then plunged the U.S. into a multi-front world war, involving 16 million of our troops, tens of millions of support people in industry, complex multilateral alliances and trillions of dollars in today’s money.


Pearl Harbor attack, 12-07-1941

But to say that this was a complete surprise would be an untruth. Japanese imperialism and German aggression had been going on for a long time. Communications of military and political figures were monitored and the signs weren’t good. The Japanese convinced themselves of the rightness of imperialistic warmongering and conquest. The USA was building a fleet of newer battleships, submarines and aircraft carriers, developing tanks and warplanes, but were nowhere near prepared for a global war. But someone seemed to know that war was on the horizon. Do you think it was an accident that the first peacetime draft was imposed on September 16, 1940?

After the attacks, public sentiment quickly turned to war and revenge. Congress quickly declared war (back then Congress did such things).The Japanese were allied with the Axis powers led by Germany, so we ended up with more war than we needed. Large pro-German movements such as the Bund, evaporated almost overnight. Almost anyone with a Japanese name or even “looking Japanese” was shipped off to internment camps.  The economy mobilized for war and millions joined “the services” or were drafted in short order.

The U.S. was at a big disadvantage, being not well prepared and playing catch-up in the early years of the war. It incurred unnecessary defeats, suffering, death and setbacks because of that.

The first lesson learned from all this and evidently still to be relearned. is to recognize threats for what they are, be prepared for them, deal with them quickly and decisively.




Not really sure if this is of the attack or a re-enactment



George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
4 years ago

There’s not much difference between December 7th and 9-11 when it comes to the savageness of the people we are at war with. And we are at war regardless of how our elected officials might think about it. The war is not over until both sides are in agreement that it is over. “Leading From Behind” just means that we are being sniped at in the world theater of events; kind of a death by a 100 cuts.

We tried to be “out of the war” in the 1940’s and look what happened. How did that work for us? Do we have to repeat history?

William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
5 years ago

Thanks George for the reminder. History, to this administration, is anathema.