Remembering on this Memorial Day

Mr. William Hicks, a resident of Newbury Park, served in Vietnam.  He comes from a long line of those who have done just that for this country.  There was a Lieutenant William Hicks who was with the Continental Army,  His family could be found on both sides of the Civil War and his father was a pilot in the Army Air Corps in WWII.  Mr. Hicks’ father is now 91 and living in Missoula Montana.

Since his retirement after 43 years with the Los Angeles Unified School District, William Hicks has done a lot of traveling. Many of the photos here are from those trips. When he visits a new state he always wants to discover its military history.  He has captured those echos from the past along with poignant scenes of farewell and memory as when he searched the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC to find the names of friends etched on the Wall.

From the wall

Larry Stevens ran track at high school with Bill Hicks. His jet could not outrun a SAM Missile. He was listed as missing in action.

md.Larry Stevens, High School Track Team-mate

Larry Stevens, High School Track Team-mate

Joseph Martin died in Mr. Hicks arms on June 6th 1967 in Vietnam.

md.Josep T. Martin, Comrade-in-Arms

Joseph T. Martin, Comrade-in-Arms

Larry Stapleton served in Vietnam at the same time as Mr. Hicks. He died of wounds he suffered while on a mercy mission in a helicopter. Hicks was able to see Stapleton before he was flown home, and Larry Stapleton was able to say goodbye to his parents before he died.

md. Larry Stapleton

Larry Stapleton

Danny Wanamaker was a school mate of Mr. Hicks.

md.Danny Wanamaker, School mate

Danny Wanamaker


Arlington Cemetery


Honored Glory in peace

Rest In Peace

No words are necessary

No Words Are Necessary

The Arizona Memorial in Hawaii

One thousand men are entombed in the ship’s hull, including their commanding officer, Captain Frank Van Valkenburgh who was on the bridge when the Arizona was hit mid ship.

md.The Arizona

The USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor

Gettysburg National Military Park

md.View of Devils Den from Little Round Top, Gettysburg

View of Devils Den from Little Round Top, Gettysburg


Gettysburg Plaque

21 Gun Salute at Pierce Brothers in Westlake

Taps at Pierce Brothers in Westlake, May 30th, 2016 Bill Hicks

May 30th 2016, Memorial Day

Bill Hicks spied this red hawk perched atop the American flag on his way to church the Sunday morning, May 29, 2016, before Memorial Day.  A sign, an omen, a bird of strength as a reminder, perhaps. We are, indeed, free because of those who are brave.


*Photo Credits: William Hicks


William Hicks is a long time resident of Newbury Park and is retired from the Los Angeles Unified School District

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