Report from the Jeff Sessions / John Kelly Friday Press Conference at the San Diego Border

Watch press conference video

By Jeff Schwilk

Two other Patriot leaders in San Diego County (Steve Hasty, leader of Tri-City Tea Party and Amy Sutton, leader of San Diego Patriots) and I were invited to attend the Attorney General / DHS press conference at the Otay Mesa border fence Friday afternoon (4-21-17) near the Brown Field Border Patrol Station.  It was an amazing experience.   We were the only non (traditional) media personnel allowed to attend the private event.  About 30 regular media folks were there to document the historic speeches, including Joel Pollak, the Senior Editor at Breitbart (see his great article below).
As you’ve probably heard AG, Jeff Sessions dropped a bombshell on the world when he announced that the DOJ was going after California’s sanctuary state policies which shield illegal and criminal aliens from deportation by ICE.  CA has until June 30th to explain to the Federal Government why they shouldn’t be sanctioned by the Trump Administration!   The radical leftists in Sacramento are now officially on notice and the La Raza and open border Marxist legislators are losing their minds.  State Senate leader Kevin DeLeon, a Mexican nationalist who has openly admitted that half of his family is here in the U.S. illegally, basically called Trump and Sessions “white supremacists” Friday for promising to enforce our laws on the books.  The Left is coming unhinged!  The Trump Administration is also going after New York and 7 other sanctuary cities nationwide.  For starters.
For those of us who have worked tirelessly for many years to secure our nation and return sanity and the rule of law to our immigration system, this was 20 minutes of music to our ears!  Watch their short speeches below.  The Trump Administration is 100% serious about ending illegal immigration.  Our day has come, Patriots!  Keep pushing!
Joel Pollak from Brietbart attended and wrote an outstanding article about all the strong statements by Jeff Sessions and General Kelly:
Watch the entire 20 minute excellent press conference here – raw footage from Fox.  Fast forward to the 4:50 mark for the statements and Q&A with the media:

ICE Hotline:  866-347-2423   (Enter to your phone contacts and call and report any suspicious activity)

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